It was a regular day, just like any other and nothing was indicating any drastic changes. I was seating at work and peacefully reading my emails when one caught my attention. And I have to add that lately I’ve been getting pretty immune to various offers to “become a super affiliate”, “ earn the loads of cash”, “explode my online business”, “enjoy financial freedom” and such … you get the picture 🙂 . Not that I see anything wrong with them, but simply because I get way too many of them and tend to delete, unless subject captures my attention.

This one was short and to the point and coming from “the god” – How Could I Simply Delete It? So I dove into reading and got a quick introduction to Michael Weston (“ The Affiliate God”). His offer was simple – earn from his proven techniques but I tend to be skeptical to these offers. So many people have covered [tag-tec]Affiliate Marketing[/tag-tec] and in so many different forms that finding something new or ground breaking is nearly impossible. And so I went replying that unfortunately I don’t promote a product I haven’t personally experienced and I don’t believe I will learn anything new from his eBook after nearly 2 years of [tag-tec]internet marketing[/tag-tec] – I have declined an offer from “ The God”! Blasphemy, huh? 🙂

Surprisingly Mike was quick to reply and included a complete eBook for review and now you have a chance to learn – does he really qualify to be called “The Affiliate God”? Will you benefit from his product?

Yeah, questions above are “loaded” and have no simple answer, as I’m not willing to hype-up the information just to get an affiliate sale (I do get paid for recommending it, so be aware).

What this eBook is:

  • Very well written guide to affiliate marketing. It covers every major affiliate strategy that I personally know off and at least one that I didn’t in details that well fit for a complete newbie to the field and a veteran alike. I loved the flow of the information and comprehensive descriptions that make this eBook a very nice addition to affiliate marketer library.
  • I personally think this eBook is especially great for people just starting out in affiliate marketing as it removes the complexities by using clear language, provides detailed information and yet keeps it very easy to follow.
  • But perhaps the best part of the eBook is wealth of reference to multiple tools, resources and essentials that are critical to the specific strategy discussed in that section. Granted that you can find most of them elsewhere but being presented in one location and in right spot I think makes this guide very desirable as a great reference resource for even seasoned affiliate marketer. I saved it on my desktop for easy access as I have found at least 3 superb resources on first reading that I had no clue about. Here is one example for you:

Amazing article-linking system, read…

From another site, we offer webmasters a free article system for their site. They hand pick from over 100,000 articles and growing. You get to insert your keyword phrases from a master panel into the articles of your choice on all different sites and networks.. Your text links are all over the web in minutes. We are signing up over 100 webmasters a day. The system is 2 years in the making. Check it out we will refund your money if you don’t think it is AWESOME… CLICK HERE for Our Amazing Article links HOT!!!!

That offer is one of the best I have seen and yes I have already purchased it.

What this ebook isn’t:

  • This is not some new, ground braking affiliate strategy but instead a comprehensive guide to existing and proven to work strategies that have made me a very nice secondary income (yeah, I’m not full time marketer yet) and generated wealth for many many others. If you are in search for another Day Job Killer – this is not it! But I personally will use this guide as a great reference tool for me as it is filled with useful information in one convenient location.

To summarize my review:

  • Is Mike “The Affiliate God” he claims to be? I have no clue! But I have found his sales letter very entertaining and worth the read at the very least :).
  • Will You benefit from his product? I think so. I have been a webmaster for over 8 years and dubbing in affiliate marketing for close to 2 years and yet, I have found at least 2 resources from his guide I have already took advantage of and at least one strategy I haven’t used yet. You results maybe different but I will be keeping this guide close for the pure wealth of references within and relevant tools as they apply to each affiliate marketing strategy.

Either way – would you want to decline the offer from “The God”? Be sure to at least read his sales letter, I found it to be more entertaining then many blog posts I run across on daily bases.