I wasn’t going to write on this topic originally but for some reason my partner and I started to see this issue more and more often occurring:

Customer Makes It IMPOSSIBLE For Us to Provide Customer Service

While it can be due to many reasons, fact still remains and worst of all – it leaves bad impression on that person even though it wasn’t even our fault. Considering that we pride ourselves in providing great customer service to our clients – we are obviously not happy with situation either.

Let me give an example and a fix, that perhaps will apply to some people reading this post, especially if you have requested a support for a product and never got a reply…


Yes, I decided to go backward and present the solution to the problem first as I think it is MOST important:

  • Be sure you whitelist the support email address that you expect reply from
  • Check your SPAM or BULK folder – you might find your reply there
  • DON’T use email address that requires people to very themselves through Spam-Arrest or some similar service – you’d be AMAZED how many people do this one!
  • BE SURE you can accept email on email address you send from – a LOTS of time inbox is too full and support gets reply back stating that person can’t accept any new emails
  • Turn off any Out Of Office autoresponders, as too often they also auto refuse messages to be sent to your inbox
  • Try writing from different email address if you didn’t get reply to your request!

Those are just some of the few solutions to problems like this one….

This morning I have received an email from a Free Member on Expert WordPress (I have protected some details for privacy):


I personally believe that 4 minutes to reply from the time problem was submitted is good but guess what…

Customer Never Got The Email!

Or so it seems in next message:


I have highlighted the response we get any time we attempt to email the person who is obviously upset and yet – I still don’t know if he was able to get into the system or not…

Case above is one of the less obvious as some email addresses we try to reply to simply BLOCK our replies, actively refuse to accept it and since person emailing for support never tries any other emails we can reply to – they never get answer from us.

Everyone Losses in this case!

  1. Customer upset for not getting promised service
  2. We are unable to give service and get tarnished reputation

Once again – this post is not meant to upset anyone but perhaps help some people understand why is it they never got reply from us!