Mark your calendar:

Wednesday, August 27 at 8 PM EST

I’ll be doing teleseminar with Doug Champigny “Mastering PLR. I have negotiated with Doug to make this event absolutely free to my friends, subscribers and readers and I want you to understand the true value of this fact. Doug and Terry Champigny are the Top Experts on subject of PLR and I view them as an Authority in the field that can have direct impact on your future!

My goal is to help you on the path of profits using the power of PLR products. Power that 90% of the people fail to realize and 99% fail to use properly. I will be sure to “interrogate” Doug on what I see as most appropriate but I need your help!

  • I need you to tell me what exact questions do you have?
  • What information you would like to have covered during the event?
  • How can I make sure you get the most benefit from this event and walk away with ideas that will help YOU build your business, using the options that PLR products provide?

I have one hour to ensure that you walk away with ideas, solid information to help you and your input is absolutely instrumental to achieve that. While the Seminar page has an input for questions – I request that you submit them here in form of comments. This will help us all to see

  • if someone else already asked it (avoid duplication),
  • combine them by topic (most efficient time usage)
  • coordinate effort

We only have one hour to deliver to you answers you need. Please comment with your questions.

See Teleseminar Details Here

This teleseminar is a continuation of the topics I have touched or covered in my previous posts and designed to do one thing: turn your blogging into more that just writing, turn it into a solid business with measurable results and versatile sources of income you can count on! Here are the previous posts you might want to brush on…