socialmediasecurityguideEveryone is talking of the benefits of social media but the most important question is; how beneficial is social media and online marketing to a small business owner? Well, for starters, it basically depends on what the business person intends to achieve at the moment and of course in the near future.

If you are looking to maximize your opportunities and globalize your brand, then believe you me, social media marketing is what you need to invest in. However, both big and small business owners need to understand that social media pages don’t make as mush sales; websites generally do. Therefore, nothing beats established search engine rankings.

With that said, launching a website should be your number one goal towards growing your business. Without a good website, customers will not be able to find you or even know of the amazing products and/or services you offer. Basically, good content and the ability to transform web visitors into actual sales is what will give you a successful online marketing campaign.

Additionally, social media helps business owners connect with their customers on a deeper level. It is also an excellent platform to drive traffic to your website thanks to social media pages’ promotions and competitions. Together with your blog postings, social media pages will definitely give you a well-coordinated online marketing campaign in favor of more web traffic.

Now that you know the few facts about online marketing and campaigns via social media pages, you must come up with a list of things you want to share with your followers.  Whether it is videos, music, audio, or photos, you have to come up with posts that your social media followers will find interesting, useful and intriguing.

Impacts of Social Media on Web Design

There is a steady change in the web world these days. And it is for this reason that web owners must understand web design and social networking for them to get good results.

Bottom line is; for you to succeed in this extra competitive environment, you must always be informed of the best web practices. You must not allow your competitors to beat you but instead work harder towards more profitable results that they can see for themselves.

And as we all know, social media is a very significant element when it comes to company or business promotion and branding. Some are familiar with this fact because of its well-known advantages in terms of web traffic. However, what some people don’t know is the fact that whatever you post will either make or kill your brand.

Therefore, with so much confidence, we can conclude that social media isa vast communication channel and also a good way to create alluring web designs. Read on to find out how social media and web design are promoting small and big businesses around the globe.

  • Visuals are more tempting, intriguing and convincing

For starters, remember the phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’? Well, this is so true when it comes to social media visuals. In this day and age, pictures and video play a more major role in branding than text does. Therefore, if you want to make your followers aware of your products and services and even get to appreciate your brand more, give them eye tempting visuals of what you are all about.

  • Back linking is key

Whether by blog posting or specific web landing pages, more and more companies are becoming acquainted with back linking as it is one of the best ways for businesses to attract customers via social networking sites. For back linking to be a success, the website owner or web designer must be familiar with different polarity tricks like getting real Instagram likes and/or followers. The web designs must also be on point because at the end of the day, your customers will click on what seems interesting.

  • More mobile responsive designs are being introduced

These days, a great majority of people across the world have smartphones. And since as a business person it is your duty to lure as many customers as possible, introducing mobile responsive designs for your website will be an added advantage.

Fact of the matter is, no one will be tempted to switch their computers on just to find you, especially if they have a smartphone. So if you want to reach a bigger audience, invest in the newest mobile optimized designs

  • Enhanced interaction with customers

Having a social platform means that interaction between customers will be made easier. As the web owner, you must be able and willing to give your followers interactive content. Failure to do so will make your customers turn to other service providers (your competitors). So in your social media and web design plans, ensure that you leave a platform for one-on-one interaction, comments, videos and pictures.

3 advantages of responsive web design

  • Great user experience

As important as the web content is, it is the user experience that enables customers to go through any web content either via desktops, laptops, tablets or even mobile phones. Therefore, responsive web design is all about giving great user experience to visitors (customers) regardless of the device they decide to use.

  • Keeping customers interested

Believe it or not, if your website is not interesting enough, then your visitors will be forced to leave the page and find a competitor website that can keep them interested. Professional companies have acquired quality web designs and for this reason, more and more internet users spend hours and hours browsing the webpages.

  • Building a firm business relationship

As a company (or brand), you have to put some thought into hiring a good web designer. Therefore, before you can hire someone to take care of your web design and online marketing, you have to spend some time with them. This will help you know whether the designer has your best interest at heart or not.

As you spend time more with your designer, communication between the two of you gets easier and friendlier while a strong business bond is established.

Author: Walter Moore is a professional web designer. He is also a freelance web content developer. For more on social media marketing and how to get real Instagram likes, visit his blog.