1_santa.jpgI have to admit… the swarm of non-stop Giveaways is getting old. Lately I have been participating ONLY in private events to ensure that only high quality gifts are offered to subscribers and true value provided to people subscribing to receive them. One of the examples is Mike Mazella’s Lightning Giveaway that provides a load of great products but will be closing its doors on November 19 (grab your gifts if you missed it before).

But this is not what this post is about … I want to talk about the man who defined and pioneered this form of marketing and once again taking the stage to Re-Define what Giveaways should be!

I want to talk about Mark Hendricks and if you don’t know who he is I highly recommend looking at Internet Marketing Guru index. Not only he is one of the highest ranked gurus but also a man of true integrity and level of support I only try to model after. And while Mark offers many training programs he is very well known for his 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway events.

In fact he was the very first marketer who used this form of marketing but it is not the main reason why his events so hugely popular. Each and every one of his events is defined by quality of free gifts offered by participating partners and super low price (I consider it a steal and buy every time) of special offers available during his event.

But in order to achieve this type of quality you pretty much HAVE TO BE someone of Mark’s statue. He puts not simply strict requirements for gifts that can be accepted but in many cases simply undoable for many.

This year is a second for me to participate as partner and I’m currently working on brand new video product that will be made available for free and very first time on Mark’s event. Yep, I have no choice but to do something of this nature in order to qualify to be a partner. Mark is not joking when it comes to ensuring that people who join his event get access ONLY to highest quality and unique products. But let me quote a small part of the requirements he puts to his partners:

IMPORTANT: Your free gift offer must be unique to the 12 Days of Christmas, and it must be an original product you created or service you provide, no Resale Rights products or Private Label Rights products are allowed.

And he doesn’t just make statements. From last year I know that he simply denies anyone who doesn’t comply with his requirements. And yet, his 12 Days Of Christmas event is so hugely popular that many marketer just like me managed to comply with his requirements and you get to enjoy some superb quality of offerings.

Normally his event doesn’t open its doors till December but this year he is doing something a bit different. He actually lets you in early so you don’t have to fight the crowd and deal with any bandwidth issues when event begins and for early members Mark provides one of his own free gifts, which should keep you busy till real event begins…

Internet Success Telesessions – several hours of live recordings from his own training program Internet Success that split into 6 modules and each providing some superb information. I highly recommend you jump in now and get this offer as I don’t know if it will be available later during event.

If you are not interested in Mark’s offer right now, stay tuned as I’ll be announcing his offers throughout the event. Make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed via link available below or if you want to join 12 Days Of Christmas now, click the image …