Bizzy Box Giveaway launched yesterday by my friend and partner Rob Richards takes a different approach to overcome what I personally call “giveaway fatigue”. Unlike many others this one is not completely free and requires an actual commitment from people but for a very low price of just $1.97.

And there is a god reasoning behind it…

Swarm of Giveaways over last couple years introduced a new phenomena – a swamp of product that have little to no value and what is even worth – products of solid value that never used just because people got them for free.

Free is often perceived as useless, which is not necessary true. Granted that a huge number of products provided on many giveaways are fairly low quality but  I have personally managed to pick up quite a few gems that I use and benefit from greatly. All because other people managed to ignore the value when it was right in front of them…

Rob decided to do something bit different to ensure that products made available to members of his Giveaway will be a solid quality but to sort out freebie seekers and locate action takers he made the event Not Free.

Kinda beats the idea of Giveaways but I think this might become a next wave of events. It ensures that quality partners contribute quality products but in order to get them – people have to make commitment with their valet. Pretty good idea if you ask me.

I personally contributed to event  my brand new collection of 32 PLR Products that I actually sell right now for $7. And so did other partners. Here is screenshot of sales page that comes with my package:

31 Niche Report with PLR and a Complete Set of Squeeze pages with All source files included. Pretty hefty package that comes to 64MB but the only way to get it is by either buyig it from me for $7 or join the event for just $1.97 and get it alone with about 20 other products.

So, if you are interested – get them now on Bizzy Box Giveaway