Anyone participating in Internet Marketing is quite familiar with JV Giveaway Events. They are a great way to build subscribers list but also a great way to pick up tons of eBooks, scripts, informational products most of which come with Master Resale Rights Or Private Label Rights.

When used properly you can quickly accumulate everything you need to kick-start your own online business by reworking these products and using them as list building tools. That was how I got my biggest surge of subscribers and product I could provide to people for signing up to my newsletter.

Those were the early days and now many events get diluted with crapy products or simply same old RR packages that have been circulating the IM community for last couple years. I know I have seen it first hand when running my own SuperJV Giveaway and it is very hard to NOT include them if you make a simple mistake in specifying conditions of your contribution. But there is good news!

Couples of my partners are running events and you are invited to take part. They have managed to get original products or unique as a ticket for contributors to be included in event. Even if you have no intentions to use these products for anything but personal needs – it is a great way to pickup Free Stuff!

The Original Giveaway run by Mark Sandquist. Mark has made a bold statement that only original products will become part of contribution and so far is holding his ground. On my last check you can find over 100 products that has never been available before!

You do need an invitation to get the products, so here is my personal invite to you:

The Summer Boot Sale organized by Will Barden currently featuring over 200 products and many of them are true gems. While not all of them brand new or original there is more then enough to make it worth for you to check out!

And as always my personal invitation is included:

Join the two above and you will have your hands full downloading all the Free Products for next few days. I do apologize to your families for I know you will be spending some time there.