With a holiday weekend upon us – I want to give you a gift in form of sharing information, information that will help you get as many or as few gifts as you like and perhaps build your own subscribers list. Yes, I’m talking about Giveaways!

Until recently I’ve been ignoring them due to burn our from poor quality of offerings I seen before and while that issue still exists – I manged to find quite a few gems by participating both as contributor and member. I do have to say that I hate to signup for each email newsletter in order to get a gift they offer and that is why I choose upgrade!

If you are like me – I recommend upgrade – it will save you time, frustration and most importantly – inbox flooded with marketing. You can always signup for list you like later!

So here are running Giveaways where you can get plenty of gifts:

  • Easter JV Giveaway – event in progress! Previously organized by my buddy Brad Smith it is now run by his partner Guido and has plenty of choices for you to dive it. My upgrade here already paid off many times over as I have about 30 or so gifts downloaded, not including Special Gifts given as part of upgrade – to me this one present great value!
  • The Scotsman Birthday Bash – starts on 04/11/09 this event already has superb quality gifts and since it is run by one of my old internet acquaintances James Reiley to celebrate his 35th birthday – I know that he will ensure quality of the event!

Giveaways Where You Can Still Become Contributor!

Idea behind being a contributor is to offer a gift in order to build you list through participation. If you don’t have good understanding of the process – I recommend you join Easter JV above as it has 2 offers that will teach you all you need to know about Giveaways and how to set it all up!

And when ready, join these as Contributor:

  • The Scotsman Birthday Bash – starts on 04/11/09 but you still have time to become contributor to a Birthday Celebration Giveaway that will help you get started with list building! But if you don’t make it in time – I provided other options below.
  • Powerdynamics – Giveaway will run from 4/15/09 to 6/29/09 and with long time frame it gives you plenty of exposure and chances to contribute to it. Even if you don’t have list right now with long time frame you can use other means such as Forum Marketing and Social networks to spread the word and add the value while benefiting! Great option to get started!
  • Mother’s Day Giveaway Event – runs from 4/30/09 to 5/31/09 and since you already have a jump start in process from Powerdymanics this one becomes a logical choice as now you can be a full contributor and rank better with your gift! What I like about this event is that owners seem to be intent to ensure no cheater will benefit from it, so it looks to be a great place for participation!

Important Note: participation as contributor requires that you have an email autoresponder, otherwise its pointless! I use and can highly recommend aweber. Best investment I made into my own internet marketing success!

Enjoy the gifts and have a Happy Easter!