As of few minutes ago my friend Doug Champigny and his partner Xavier Nelson have launched round 5 of Free PLR Giveaway. Unlike many others, I love this even and even though I have been avoiding most giveaway as plague lately – I’m taking part in this one.

And Not ONLY taking part but highly recommend you take advantage of the offer!

Quality And Uniqueness of contributions is one of the factors behind it but not only…

PLR products are one of the best and simplest way to get yourself content, product you can sell or something you can use to build your list. The uses of PLR are many and since this giveaway required Unrestricted Private Label Rights with each submitted product – your options are limited ONLY by your imagination!

Now, a bit about contributions!

Each gift was required to be not only with unrestricted rights but also Brand New or Unique! Meaning that you have the first gibs on the quality products that were NOT previously available.

I haven’t downloaded the other partners offers yet but with the some big names present – I expect quite a bit and will be running to download as soon as this post is published. I LOVE quality Freebies and used them before to generate myself quite nice chunk of change!

Join me at Free PLR Giveaway!