ross-goldbergWhile reaching some level of success can be done via multiple ways, including strategies some would call “questionable” – achieving Sustainable Business Success with ability to grow and prosper can be done ONLY via solid business practices.

Be it online or offline – if you don’t care about your customers, people you work with and those who helped you to climb that ladder of Success … you will fail. In this series I would like to introduce you to people who not only managed to build successful business online and grow it but also have some VERY interesting stories to tell!

Ross Goldberg, a man behind the Immortal Internet Marketing is a first guest with a story that reads like a novel but perhaps what is even more important for you – with experience and knowledge well worth to draw upon!

A man with an edge Ross has a No BS approach that I personally like and his products deliver value without beating around the bush! A man with a passion he also appears to be a production machine releasing a number of products that concentrate around one topic – DRIVING TRAFFIC!

Some of the successful products he currently offers:

  • Video Upload Software – brand new tool that will allow you to upload your new video to 20+ video sharing sites.
  • Video Cash Machine – learn how to monetize videos and use to push your business forward. Some tips you will not find elsewhere.
  • The Traffic Manifesto – learn over 50 different methods to drive traffic to your site or blog.
  • Products List – see more of the Ross’s offerings as I have listed only traffic related products.

From the list above I hope you can see that Ross is a man who knows how to drive traffic and I have conducted a grueling interrogation with him and made sure to pull some of the best tips.

Simply listen to the interview below to learn how…

  • gang leader turned Internet Marketing Super Star after near death experience
  • …traffic driving using a “community marketing” concept for higher conversion
  • …one secret behind video marketing you are not aware of
  • …how to get all products produced by Ross absolutely FREE (exclusive offer)

Audio Length: 38 min 58 sec


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