dr ron capps nicheprofWeb 2.0 sites and social networks quickly gain popularity and too often perceived as something that can be manipulated to achieve personal goals. Nearly on daily bases we see product spring to life that promise to deliver “completely automated” means of spreading your message across Web 2.0 sites and networks.

What they don’t tell you is how it can easily lead to a ban of your social profile and what perhaps is even worse – destruction of your online reputation! Power of Web 2.0 sites and networks is there and in this post I want to introduce Dr. Ron Capps – NicheProf, who will uncover some of his personal strategies to PROPER interaction on social networks for fun and profit!

While we have crossed our path’s on the web before I have truly met Dr. Ron during jvAlert Live and luckily for you – scored exclusive interview! You might wonder why I used word “luckily”, huh?

I actually have a very good reasons. I a few short minutes of my conversation with Ron and then looking him up on the web I have discovered a tiny part of what he calls a single action with multiple reactions. In fact I was so impressed with results of what I managed to accomplish with just a one single action I simply had to know more. And Ron is one of the most qualified people to speak on the subject…

He is been building websites since before I even used the computers and PROFITING from them. One of the more recognized people when it comes to Social Networks and Web 2.0 marketing Ron is not only speaking on multiple conferences but also provides you with a chance to learn. Here are some of the current and anticipated projects you want to know about:

  • Safeguard Children – Ron doesn’t just talk, he is a Niche marketer and this site is one of the projects he is willing to demonstrate and share with us.
  • NicheProf – Learn more about Ron and learn from him. Provides an easy access to his projects and additional info.
  • School Of Social Marketing – brand new project that will be opened on July 4th and is designed to help people learn how to actually do the social marketing right way.

Dr. Ron Capps had a lot to share and by clicking below you can learn:

  • how to choose Niche you can profit from and work in while having fun
  • how to use social networks to establish yourself as authority
  • proper ways to use social influence of Web 2.0
  • driving traffic to your site or blog using social networks
  • …and much, much more!

Click to listen:

Audio Length: 52 min 31 sec


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Special Offer mentioned in interview – Good Till July 31st, 2008 ONLY