amy-holdingsToday’s topic of conversation might not resonate with everyone but it will become more and more relevant to you as your online business grows and develops. At some point you will have to consider getting help or risk being stuck overloaded with work and just UNHAPPY about your work as you were when you decided to start it in order to get away from your 9 to 5 J.O.B

Yeah, I use the 3 letter word and I apologize but the truth is – most of us start with online business to get away from that nasty word and in process of development manage to overload ourselves to the point where we forget why we started!

Today’s guest – Amy Holding will give us the details you need in order to successful simplify your life – How And Why Consider Virtual Assistant!

Questions below supplied by me while all the answers provided by Amy.

1. What exactly is Virtual Assistant?

This is a great question as the exact definition of a VA continues to be a hotly debated topic among many within the industry.  In my opinion, it is normal for the term virtual assistant to mean different things to different people. The functions and tasks that a Virtual Assistant perform is very much dependent upon their professional niche as well as the industry and needs of the underlying client they choose to join in partnership with.

Traditionally a Virtual Assistant’s focus was mainly on general administrative services. But this has and continues to change as entrepreneurs and small business owners rely more and more  heavily on the visibility of their internet presence..  Virtual Assistants have expanded their expertise to provide assistance with internet marketing, copywriting, teleseminars and on-line video services ( just to name a few) so that they can provide a more complete package to their clients.  But with this expansion in expertise, the lines get blurry for some.  As an example, a VA with expertise in copywriting does not mean they are a copywriter, it means they are an expert in assisting with copywriting functions.

2. How would someone go about locating a VA that qualifies?

There are several VA associations that contain directories of their members and corresponding qualifications.  The two that come to my mind as excellent starting points are the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA – and the VA Networking Forum (  Both have search directories as well as the option to submit an RFP.

Another good method for finding a qualified VA is through social networks liked Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook and Ning.  In my opinion, Linked-In provides a great platform for looking through a prospective VA’s work history, references, testimonials etc.

3. Why should I choose more expensive, US based VA over offers from Asia?

This is a tough question to answer as finding success with a VA is just as much about the partnership as it is the VA’s skill set.  I don’t believe the country of origin has much to do with it at all, but rather the dynamics between you and the  VA.  I can tell you that in my experience, most US based VAs are solopreneurs and/or small business owners just like the clients they serve.  They not only can be relied on as task-doers, but also as a faithful partner, sounding board and extension of your business.  Being business owners themselves they understand that your success and gains ultimately result in their own success and gains.

4. Can you name some of the more instant benefits for Online Business from VA

The most instant benefit you will receive is time.  Regardless of what you enlist the support of a VA for (i.e. internet marketing, analytic’s, general administration, project management etc. ) the immediate gain will always be the time you have to focus on your core business.

5. Any points you think will be beneficial to the readers of my blog in regards to the VA?

When looking for a VA, remember that you are developing a partnership.  And the success of the partnership is not only dependent upon the VA’s skill set and expertise, but also on how well the two of you can work together at getting business initiatives into action and then completed.  When entering into a new relationship with a VA give them sight of your big picture goals and be open to two-way straight-talk.

6. And last but not least – can you describe what do you personally offer and how we can find out more about you?

I assist entrepreneurs and small business owners with the set-up and maintenance of their online presence.  Typically I work very closely with my clients as their “right-hand woman” managing their day to day business operations with primary focus on  Internet Marketing.  This often entails implementation of a marketing plan where I create and assist in maintaining blogs, websites, traffic analytics, email campaigns, newsletters, press release and article marketing, as well as a strong social networking presence.  You can find more about me at my website or at my blog  You can also connect with me on twitter @ Amy_PAVE ( and on Facebook