Article Marketing is not something new. In fact it existed probably as long as the concept of Search Engine Optimization if not longer and for a good writer – it produces solid results. Heck, even a piss-poor writer such as myself manages to benefit from the concept tremendously by applying a few simple rules…

With Article Marketing I get several benefits as blogger:

  • Backlinks
  • Traffic
  • Income

And in this post I want to talk about a new resource that was just made available that is completely unique in a way that it is 100% Affiliate Marketer friendly and manages to give you HUGE boost! And I will also provide you with a great resource to start taking advantage of those benefits RIGHT NOW. So dive in for full details…

AffSphere is a new site create by Affiliate marketers for Affiliate Marketers and allows you to take advantage of article marketing to the fullest extent and gives you every options you ever wanted:

  • Links from content to resources of your choosing. Something other article directories FORBID completely. Gives you benefits of SEO if you like by providing links with your chosen anchor tag from within content.
  • Affiliate Links. Yep, you can use direct affiliate link from your articles – an absolute “NO NO” in other article directories.
  • Multiple income streams. They have built in 8 different income streams to help you earn by using their system.
  • 100% FREE. Nothing to pay – just join, produce quality content and start earning. Love the free concept!

I’m already there and can only invite you to Join Me!


And here are couple article I have already published:

Benefit Even More by Using PLR to Full Tilt!

I was alerted to the service provided above by my good friend Doug Champigny and alone with the service he told me about his own offer – 50 Superb Quality PLR articles to help you put the resource above to good use.

Articles Are absolutely FREE, so be sure to grab them!

I don’t often recommend free resources especially when it comes to PLR. Unfortunately those have tendency to be re-sold or given away way too many time and become useless. Well Doug and Teri offer a bit different – it is for you own use oNLY. Can’t be resold or given away, only used which makes my list for recommendations.

I do also recommend that you put a bit of effort to re-write them at least a bit to make unique.

And if you need to actually learn how to properly use PLR resources – Doug and Teri are The Resource. Their PLR Tutorial Videos cover just about every aspect that you need to be aware of when working with PLR and a must have for anyone looking to benefit from PLR.

So there you have it: 2 Resources to Help You Earn More From Your Writing