This morning I was surprised to learn that I was added to the list of the Internet Marketing guru’s on a new blog pointed out to me by my friend Mieke Janssens. While my name was missing ANY information, even though it is always available here, I found that its most notable feature – ability to rate anonymously, using WP-Ratings plugin opens Great Opportunity to learn how our efforts received by our customers!

Great idea by Chris Demetrios and I found it quite amusing to look through the list of people currently availableย  and how other people, perhaps customers, perceive each and everyone listed! And since it is using WordPress, it provides you with an option to comment and tell the world what you think, use it!

I, for one think it is a great idea and gives those of us listed on that blog to actually see how our efforts rated by people who choose to read our information, spend money on our products and Vote with their vallet before going in and provide a rating for all to see. I would be very interested to learn your opinion!