strategic profits live eventFebruary of this year can be marked as one of the perhaps biggest events that Internet Marketing will see this year – Strategic Business Profits. One thing I’m left to wonder about – How Much Missing this Event will End Up Costing Me?

It is not a secret that these type of events become not only a learning opportunity but perhaps what is even more important – networking opportunity. A Chance to create some very important JV partnerships that can turn your next product launch from a mild success (if at all) to an explosive event.

It is not cheap to attend the event but if you have an opportunity to attend and planning a product launch this year – it is well worth the consideration. Solid JV partners can really have a huge impact on your carrier. I have taken a part in several promotions and seen first hand how this type of partnerships make a difference.

Just looking back at couple product launches by Jason James and his quick rise to the top of the Internet Marketing world can be used as a great lesson. This is not to say that his product was not worth the hype but what contributed to his success the most were relationships he established with some key partners. Granted he did a lot more then attending conferences but IM events were part of his overall strategy.

Comparing above to my own “worm” launch of Web 2.0 Wealth I have sworn to myself that I will make sure to attend at least one live conference where I get a chance to network and perhaps get a chance to strike something with some of the bigger players. With an upcoming product launch this year, live conferences were a strategic part of my plan and I’m extremely upset now that something that is beyond my control stand on the way of me attending perhaps the best chance…

I know this will cost me!

And while the links to the conference are my affiliate links, this post is not a simple pitch but an urge: If you have a chance to attend this conference I highly recommend you at least have a look. List of guest speaker assembled by Rich looks like a list of “who is who” of marketing and I’m sure it will draw some big players. It will not be cheap but there are a few different options provide to make it worth the look.

And don’t forget – it is In Disney World Laughing. Great opportunity to convince your significant other to combine the fun with profit!

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