That’s right buddy. You heard it.

Yes, within 1 day I created a video and I uploaded it to YouTube, and I would wish to share the results with you if you don’t mind. Below are the number of views that i managed to get form YouTube within a day.

Personally, I love taking challenges for my new projects both for my clients and my students and I have realized that challenges produces results.

Recently I took a challenge on getting targeted traffic from YouTube by offering an irresistible offer, and the results were great success. Since this blog post is about getting profitable traffic from YouTube, let’s go straight and talk about it.

The challenging task

After the Google Penguin, I decided to take on a new challenge. The task is simple but very sensitive. I created a video about an irresistible offer that iam giving out on my blog for a limited time. I created a landing page on my website about the Killer Offer as below:

My main objective for using YouTube was to get targeted traffic and subscribers. Imagine this scenario, getting 1000 visitors from a single Guest Post from within 3 days, the figure looks great, but personally, I would prefer getting 100 profitable traffic from YouTube-and that’s why I decided to take on this challenging task.

My Focus Keyword

It was not my wish to discuss my results but since a lot of my twitter funs asked for it, I decided to break my silence. Since iam an SEO Expert, I decided to research for profitable keywords that converts rather than ranking keywords that don’t send traffic.

Ranking doesn’t really matter if they don’t send traffic. I used for keyword research and the results were as below:

When you are conducting keyword research, make sure to select the best long tail keywords. The said keywords can help your videos to appear on the first page on Google.

YouTube Results

After creating the video, I uploaded the video on YouTube and the result was as below:

As we are discussing, iam still promoting the irresistible offer and once I get real results from the blended search engine, I will definitely reveal the results.


If you’re a freelancer who does business for clients, I recommend that you try advertising your irresistible offer via YouTube and see how much traffic and sales you can get.

If you’re serious about your business and in need of clients, I would recommend that you offer an irresistible offer and promote it via any related marketing method, but personally I would prefer you try video marketing.

If you want to stay competitive, regardless of your field and profession, you should always be learning new things. And I am not talking about opening a magazine and learning about what is going on in Australia or how many calories a hamburger has. I am talking about learning new technical things related to your field.

What’s your thought about YouTube marketing?

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