Yesterday I sent an email to a few of the subscribers about Biggest Firesale and got couple “unpleasant” replies as result. I’m not here to play blame games and insult anyone’s intelligence but simply to clarify my position as my reader’s and customer’s opinion IS IMPORTANT to me.

This post wasn’t planned but in my mind it is extremely important and simply had to be written. You can choose not to read it but if you are receiving my eZine you might want to take a minute and look over it real quick.

There are 2 things to be understood:

1. I’m an Affiliate Marketer and not Just Blogger

I don’t do too many promotions and when I do – I only promote products and services I personally believe in or tried and used myself. It is extremely RARE exception that I promote something without having complete access to the product.

But I actually have more riding on it then just a few affiliate sales! I have contributed my own product – Web 2.0 Wealth to it as part of the total package! Product that is currently been sold at $97 price point each and every day!

And my product is only ONE our of more then a hundred of similar value. So I hope you can see WHY I see the Biggest Firesale as Superb Value!

2. Scarcity Tactics

This was a second blame I got and here is a screen shot of what I mean – I did hide the details of the person who wrote it as I can understand that person frustration:

One thing to understand about this event – price will go up as it is FIRESALE! I admit that I should have wrote a more personal email and not used one provided by the Vince but I felt it was important enough to share the value. And here is the price jump table, which you can verify on sales page:

I hope it is fairly obvious that what I promote – I truly believe in value and if this offends someone – I do provide unsubscribe links with each and every email.

Thank you for reading the post.