password managerIf you are a regular reader of Alex’s Internet marketing blog you might have seen my recent post about getting my PayPal account phished due to a tabnabbing attack. I’m happy to report that my account access has been fully restored after having verified my identity. The thieves didn’t get far, thanks to my trusted Password Manager. If it weren’t for me using a software that autofills my logins securely I don’t know whether I would have been so lucky…

Why You Need a Password Managing Software

In view of the consistent threats that accompany you while browsing the Internet it makes sense to do whatever you can to keep your computer data safe. The things you don’t want to deal with are harmful viruses, spyware, or a phishing attack. Getting your data stolen or compromised is never fun, nor is it usually easy to remedy if you are a technophobe.

I think it goes without saying that you should keep your computer (and your data) protected with a good antivirus suite at all times. Failing to do so will cost you more than the cost of the software itself if your machine does get compromised.

What a Password Manager Does

A password managing software protects your online accounts thanks to strong levels of security. Many of them feature; memos, hot keys, password generators, import/export features, multiple computer support, data backup, auto-fill and more. With this type of software you can:

  • Defeat keyloggers
  • Declare war on phishing attacks
  • Generate passwords
  • Manage passwords
  • Use auto-fill
  • Login automatically
  • Surf safely thanks to strong password encryption
  • Synchronize all of your passwords between several computers
  • Always have access to your passwords thanks to Roboform Online

I have been using a password manager for a couple of years and can’t believe that I actually functioned without it in the older days. As far as software goes, this is a must-have for anyone dealing with a lot of online accounts.

Roboform Puts Your Passwords on Speed Dial

Roboform is a great password manager. What I really like about it is the fact that you can get the Roboform2Go version for your thumb drive. You simply plug the USB drive into any host computer and your passwords and accounts will be readily available anywhere in the world.

Best of all, from what I know, the software doesn’t leave any traces on the host machine, meaning your data won’t be stolen by the owner of the computer after you have left.

You can get Roboform for free (trial version) to see whether you like it before you buy. For nomads like myself, the Roboform2Go is ideal, cause it’s light and portable. If you own several computers you can synchronize all of your Roboform software installs with the help of Roboform Online. It’s fast, relatively easy to use and cost-effective.

1Password – Another Nifty Tool

Another popular favorite of online marketers is 1Password. Their latest version is Snow Leopard (Mac) compatible. Something Roboform needs to address if they want to stay in the game. You can use Roboform on a Mac with their online bookmarklet, but it’s more cumbersome to use and slower – plus a lot more annoying.

Other Password Managers

This selection of password managers should get you on the right track. I’m pretty much sold on Roboform since I’m already familiar with their suite of software. If you can, start with a trial version of the software you like best and then move to the paid version if you like it.

Here’s to safe surfing


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