marketing enemySelf-sabotage is a lot more common than you might think. Why do you think most online marketers ultimately fail? More often than not they lack persistence.

Internet marketing often comes with the hyped-up stigma where quick riches, a lazy lifestyle, and a team of capable workers provide all the magic one needs to comfortably retire.

The reality looks a lot harsher for most. Granted, there is nothing wrong with dreaming about a better lifestyle, with earning the big dollars while you sip a cocktail on some fancy beach in the tropics, but to do so requires systemic groundwork. You need to plan your business from the ground up and then work that plan like there is no tomorrow.

The following issues could hold you back from your own potential. Take a look at them and see whether you identify yourself in these problems.

Problem # 1 – A flash in the pan desire

Many people get hyped up on the idea of a great business model, only to realize that there is actually a lot more to it than they first believe. They buy a ton of eBooks, memberships and video tutorials and then realize that the sales page copy promised the easy life without telling them they actually had to work to attain it.

If your desire isn’t large enough, no matter what you do, it will never be enough to strike success.

Solution: Before you buy your next info product make sure you really know it is what you see yourself do for the next couple of years. Starting, building and marketing any successful business takes time. If you are not prepared to invest your time, then save your money.

Problem # 2 – Lack of knowledge

A lack of knowledge stops many entrepreneurs from achieving more than they are capable of simply for the fact that they THINK they have to know everything themselves. This isn’t so. There are a number of very successful Internet marketers who don’t even know how to log in to their WordPress site – no kidding.

These guys have learned early in business that success is not the result of intricate knowledge – but more so a combination of having a desire to succeed and leverage (of other people’s efforts).

Solution: Stop over thinking the problem, get with it (note to self), and hire a team of professionals who can do the job for you.

Problem # 3 – Stop and go marketing

I’m a classical example of doing just that with some of my niche sites. I stop and go, then stop and go some more. Granted, I could easily outsource the “go” aspect of the problem to a capable person, but for some reasons I hesitate while over thinking the issue at hand. That’s just me though. Funny enough, my copywriting business doesn’t suffer from that problem at all. Go figure.

Actually I have figured it out already and am currently working on the solution – to simplify my niches (I have to many of them!).

Solution: If you find yourself in the same shoes (or similar) it might be time for you to simplify your business by weeding out the time suckers. Whatever they may be. For me it’s my non-earning niche sites because I failed to market them consistently. By getting rid of the pesky aspects of your business you will free up valuable time to concentrate on the income producing tasks.

Hopefully the ideas in this post have opened your eyes to some of your self-sabotaging traits. Most of these issues can easily be solved once you acknowledge they are there. Here’s to infinity and beyond!