Affiliate marketing is one of the most “passive” forms of online income there is.

  • No products to create.
  • No customers to deal with.
  • No shipping or refunds or anything.

Easy peasy. Well, once you get started it is. The hard part has been HOW to get started.

  1. Buy a web design program for $300?
  2. Hire someone to create a website?
  3. Set up something free that you have no control over and could be taken away any time?

eek. Not great options, until now. Jimmy D. Brown, highly successful online marketer – and fantastic mentor, has put together a course teaching how ANYONE can get started with affiliate marketing with NO experience, NO $300 website software — and build a lasting business.

He was kind enough to share an excerpt from one of the lessons of his course. Keep reading to see his teaching style. I think you’ll like it.


Excerpt from Affiliatenaire
by Jimmy D. Brown

Welcome – welcome – welcome!

We are entering into some exciting times now. Today’s lesson and next week’s lesson mark the final “setup” activities.

Today we’re going to “populate” your blog with content and next week we’re going to publish the first issue of your newsletter.

Then, it’s time to…

Promote, promote, promote!


So, we’re closing in on those first sales. Keep going. You’re almost ready to begin seeing some results from your efforts.

I’ve heard from quite a few members who have told me they are “finally getting somewhere” due to the step-by-step, drip-feed format we’ve been using. Trust me when I say, it’s only going to get better.

But, it does illustrate a good point: the hardest part of success in internet marketing for most people is getting out of the gate.

It’s been my experience that those who get things setup end up making money. The staggering failure rate that is reported as the “norm” primarily is a result of the lack of getting the foundational things in place.

If you quit and turn back, you’ll be stuck in the starting position once again. And off to find another “option”. One more stat in the staggering failure rate.

If – you – stick – with – this – and – follow – instructions – you – won’t – fail!


The ultimate way to get buyers is to strategically use presell content to convert browsers into buyers. It’s time to start blogging!

Your first step is to populate your blog by posting at least five or six messages initially. That way, anyone who visits your blog in the near future will see a busy blog, which makes them more likely to return. If they visit and see just an article or two, they may assume the blog is abandoned (which means they won’t bookmark it, subscribe to the RSS feed, or visit it again).

After you’ve populated your blog, you then need to commit to a regular posting schedule. Obviously, the more you post the better. So if you can post a short article each day, that’s great. But if not, then commit to posting at least three or four times per week.

SIDEBAR: We’ll talk more about “regular” weekly blogging later. In fact, I’ll give you so many ideas for getting ready-made content and creating fresh content that you’ll have plenty of options for years to come. For now, we’re just gonna focus on populating your blog with initial content so it has some “meat” to it when people visit.


To get access to the entire course, simply go to (link). You’ll be so glad you did. You not only get access to Jimmy’s “system”, but you’ll receive 52 weeks of solid training walking you step-by-step through the entire process, including videos and the names of support if you get stuck.

Check it out here