Anyone telling you that Affiliate Marketing is easy is not giving the full truth! It becomes simple enough once you get the hang of it and once you master it – then it becomes easier, but I don’t think its easy. You are still required to do the work to earn via Affiliate marketing.

What even more makes the waters murky are some vendors that use strategies I consider to be questionable. And while as a product owner myself I can understand multiple concerns we have to deal with – I believe that EVERY affiliate who helped you make a sale, deserves to get paid!

If you helped me sell my product – you are getting paid because without you this sale NEVER happened!

But I also know that not every vendor subscribes to this position and I had to deal with the problem I’m about to describe. Better yet – I will explain HOW you can avoid it all together!

The Problem!

Although this one is not very frequent, you can still get caught in it if not reading the Affiliate Agreement carefully. I know I still have at least couple / three affiliate programs where I made sales and still didn’t get paid. Some sales are from couple years ago and I write it off as complete loss, because I FAILED TO READ THE AGREEMENT! Here is an example:

This one is actually was very upfront and as I mention its my fault for missing it. I did stop actively promoting it once I realized that my commissions will be held hostage and now I got couple hundred bucks seating there and probably will continue to seat as I have no intentions to promote this one actively anyway. I would like to get my money at some point so I do have his links in few spots:


While this amount is not a big deal, if you become a part of few programs with similar draconian terms – it can start impacting your bottom line in a hurry! So here is how you can avoid it, easily!

The Solution

1. Read the affiliate agreement and AVOID anything like what I have described above! I personally now stay away from ANY affiliate program that has a minimum payout amount. It’s OK to see that payment might be made to you 30-90 days after product sold, as for some high ticket items vendor will only pay once the Money Back Guarantee is over.

But stay away from any affiliate program with minimum pay off! Quite frankly I don’t care what reason vendor has for doing it – if I earned $0.01, pay it to me! With ability to pay your affiliate via PayPal widely available – there is no reason Not To Do it!

2. Use affiliate networks where your commissions are paid by third-party! ClickBank is one of the most known that does this service and it protects you, as affiliate from these shady strategies as you get paid by them.

Great option but often it has its own set of issues, commission theft is one of the main problems. Also if you choose to promote any vendor via ClickBank – check to see if they have some form of Affiliate Management tied to CB. Often vendors will use a low-cost product to get customers into sales funnel and then up-sell your lead to other products and services.

Unfortunately unless you become part of this funnel – you will miss out on those sales.

Or, use a totally different approach, what I would like to call a

Instant Commissions Solution!

As a vendor who also uses Rapid Action Profits script I LOVE promoting products that use this script for all the sales and management related activities. And there is a good reason for it – I get my commissions INSTANTLY to my Business PayPal account!

Here is how it works…

Let’s assume a vendor (me in this case) sells the product for $47. Review Blog System will be used as an example. If you choose to become an affiliate and promote it – instead of getting paid on some predefined schedule – you simply get whatever defined percentage paid directly to you, in case with Review Blog System – you get 50% or EVERY SECOND sale paid to your PayPal account, while I take care of all the product delivery and customer support functions.

Here is an example table of sales and who gets paid:

Here’s an example:

Front End Sale Affiliate’s Commission
1 $0.00 (vendor share)
2 $47.00
3 $0.00 (vendor share)
4 $47.00

Simple huh? Best part – you don’t need to worry about whether you will get your check on time or not! From vendor perspective it is also great tool as I don’t have to deal with affiliate payout and all the tax related activities 🙂 Everybody wins!

But finding vendors who use RAP script up until recently was not an easy task, as there was no single location. What made matter worse – is that you didn’t know how well the product performs for other affiliates prior to you choosing to promote it. You had to rely on the words of Vendor and other affiliates you might personally know.

Enter The RapBank!

Marketplace in many ways similar to ClickBank but dedicate to vendors using RAP script. And what perhaps most important – marketplace that allows you to see how well other affiliates do in promoting the product you are evaluating for possible promotion.

It shows you what percentage of sales was by affiliates as well as shows you “index”, which is similar in concept to the CB “gravity”. See image below with my own products places on RAPBank:


Now you have a way to effectively see if a product worth the time to promote it and also get paid for your sales without the need to wait on affiliate payout!

Enjoy Your Instant Commissions and let me know what you think!