article marketingYou might be reading stories of how people are making tons of money through the internet nowadays. And perhaps you think that there is something special to those people, or it might be just a fake news.

However, it is totally true, and here is how

What is affiliate marketing you ask?

Affiliate marketing in one simple word means: commission. Basically, if you have a platform, you advertise someone’s product on your platform. For each unit of the product that is sold through you, you get a cut in the profit.

Is this big?

Affiliate Marketing is a HUGE thing nowadays. How do you think millions of bloggers are becoming millionaires? It is due to affiliate marketing along. On an averagely popular local blog, it is easy to make up to 100k per year from affiliate marketing alone.

So how do you start?

It is good to learn some copywriting and marketing skills in the start. Once you master those, you can sell content like hot cakes. Then, all you need is a platform where you would market that stuff. It could be your blog, a website, or a social account.

Will I be rich overnight?

No, you wouldn’t. Affiliate marketing takes time to build up. The time taken depends on how much content you post and how well you market it. But it still requires time and hardwork. If you want to become rich overnight without any effort, this might not be for you (probably nothing would be for you in that case).

Here are three other marketing secrets that you should know if you are about to start up with affiliate marketing, or are doing it already but aren’t making good money.

These secrets are what all the pros in the industry are applying already. So why should you be left behind?

#1 Planning

You would need to ensure that you have created a well thought out business plan for your venture. If you are just diving in the field without any planning beforehand, you would just be wasting your time. Therefore, strategize well.

#2 Update hyperlinking

The links around the web get modified or updated with time. Therefore, you should regularly check up if you have the latest links for the products that you are promoting. Else, you are just wasting precious clicks away.

#3 Keep records

It is a good idea to keep a record of the names and links of the products that you are promoting. After all, it isn’t really a good idea that you add multiple copies of a single product again and again. Keeping records would save you from that trouble.

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