In last few months I have pretty much stopped participating in JV Giveaways for several different reasons. One of them being low quality of offering too often create what I personally call a “Giveaway fatigue“.

Not only do we stand a good chance to ruin our relationship with our subscribers by sending them to a rather questionable quality event but also put a black eye on our own reputation for recommending it. But this one time I want to make an exception… I want to invite you to an JV Giveaway Event that doesn’t suck!

My friend Mike Mazella and his partner David Thompson have been running their Lightning JV Giveaway for a few years and each run was marked by a hand picked contributors with superb gift offerings. I have participated as regular member in his first one and been a JV Partner in last two.

This time is a bit different – they have opened up their event a bit but didn’t budge on quality. Unique Gift Contribution is still an absolute MUST in order to quality for the event. Not to mention a few other.

Why Do You Care?

Because on my last count they have 70+ absolutely unique gifts up for grabs!

  • eBooks and reports with MRR and PLR
  • Software and script, some with just the usage license but some with resale rights
  • Graphics – a huge saver for every blogger and marketer, designers are expensive!
  • … and much more

But with deadline quickly approaching you might miss the chance if you don’t act now. May 16 they will close the doors! Grab your FREEBIES!