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7 Indicators That Affect The CTR In Contextual Advertising

If you’ve watched films about Batman you should know why he has chosen such unusual costume. When he was a kid he was scared of bats. So he decided that such scary costume can evoke fear in enemies and the other villains of Gotham City.

Entrepreneurs and marketers also want to influence their clients. Through contextual advertising. True, they do not want to scare them. They have another goal – to increase sales of their products. One of the steps is just to attract the greatest number of potential customers to the site.

The number in this case depends on the index of CTR (click-through rate) in the contextual advertising. But how to increase this percent and maximize ad’s success?


The ad should be relevant to the request! Strange, but still many internet marketers do not follow this rule. I am not talking about the stupidity when advertisement is showed on request, which has nothing common with your service. There are more interesting and less obvious cases.

For example, when on request “matte ceilings” are showed thousand ads. Often most of them are the same ads that are displayed on request “ceilings”. They are not specified and not offering “matte ceilings”.
This is a big mistake. Give the visitor what he looks for and you will get a higher CTR. Do not be lazy to make separate ads for “suspended ceilings” and “matte stretch ceiling”. But keep a look that requests do not overlap. Use negative keywords for every ad group.


Let’s just say, the existence of price in the ad increases its CTR. But it is not common and among those people who really are your potential customers and satisfy with the price.

Including the price in the ad can bring many benefits. But there are exceptions. Some times better mention sale percent than price. For example, ad “Sales! Mixer with – 40%” is better than “Sales! Mixer only for 299 $”. Also, if you decide to mention the price in your ad, make sure that it is lower than your competitors’ price. If it is higher, the price is better not to specify.

The advantage that distinguishes you from your competitors
It may be practical advantage or simply difference in positioning (which can also be a start of something). For example, you have free delivery service or your shop works 24 hours. Mention this advantage in your ad and your CTR will increase.


There are companies that provide strong guarantees of their services. Of course, they should be used in ads. Guarantees have a positive effect on CTR. The main thing that the guarantee should be important to the client, and you have to be sure that you can perform it.

Anything free

If your business provides any of services for free, it makes sense mention about it. Sales do not always occur immediately. Sometimes can be delayed conversion when a customer enters into a relationship with you and only after that gets something.


Promotions, discounts, gifts, restriction in the number of places for the seminar… In general, there are various ways that drive potential customers. Frankly, these things do not always help to increase CTR. It depends on the uniqueness and desirability of your service.


More active advertising at the right time. Analyze, when do you have a burst of activity and activate your advertisements in a certain time. For example, if you noticed a burst of activity in some periods of the month, when people get salary, it makes sense start active advertise precisely at this time.

Author bio : Korah Morrison, marketing specialist and writer at and she likes to write articles on different topics, related to SEO, contextual advertising and smm.


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4 Responses to “7 Indicators That Affect The CTR In Contextual Advertising”

  1. Samuel says:

    Best thing to do is test and keep adjusting to the maximum.

    It all can take time to find the perfect CTR.

  2. Hi,
    It was so cool to read such perceptions from your mind. It was a pleasant read. So truly said “the uniqueness and desirability matters”. Its just the vividness one can provide to the products and ideas. That’s your true tool and customers your true growth.:)
    Thanks for share.:)

  3. RajKumar says:

    It was something I was looking for. You have hit the nails so rightly. The GUARANTEE, The PRICE, And undoubtedly ANYTHING FREE are the biggest tools you have mentioned. These are the things customers tend to look for. That’s certainly their main attention during purchasing anything to everything. 🙂 It was good reading. 🙂

  4. Mark Weyland says:

    After I went through this blog, I realized where I was going wrong all these days in contextual advertising. I thank the writer to mention the key factors in such an easy language. I am sure other advertisers will also benefit out of this blog.

    I agree with the writer where he says that stating the prices of the products will increase the CTR of contextual advertising. I never used to mention this point in my advertising and now I realize where I was going wrong all these days. The CTR never used to show much positive results to me.

    From now on I will go ahead with my contextual advertising keeping these points in mind. I am sure these will help me improve the overall CTR of my ads. I will also ask others in my profession to read this blog at least once and get an idea of these points.