selling secrets of successful marketers Have you ever wondered how the big boys manage to sell green grass to you, even if you have the perfect lawn at home? This isn’t just done with sheer luck. Effective selling is the secret of any copywriter and marketer. They know the practices of marketing that prompt you to buy in a frenzy, without even wanting what they sell.

1.) It’s all based on emotions

The moment a marketer makes you feel like they can answer all your problems with the product they sell, they’ve got you in the bag. Successful selling is based on emotions. It has noting to do with what the seller wants, but everything with what you want.

Offering people a solution to a common problem is the fastest way to successful selling.

2.) Do killer research and the rest is history

Killer research is the key to launching a fantastic product or service. If you think about it, you will recognize common topics that offer timeless ideas for product creation to sellers:

  • Stop snoring
  • Organize your life
  • Lose weight
  • Beat depression
  • Launch websites with the click of a button
  • Cook easy meals in minutes

Each of these topics have been and continue to be successful sellers. They all reflect common issues most of us face at some stages in our lives. While there is already plenty of material to cover anything from fat loss to stop acne on the market, many new ones launch pretty much every month.

Interestingly enough, the market will carry many of them, especially if the product is well thought out and researched.

You don’t even need a killer look to sell your stuff. As long as the research is sound, anything goes.

Note: I have a colleague who continues to sell crappy looking eBooks. They look like they were designed by a 7 year old, but the content within is so sound that his buyers just keep coming back.

3.) They hook you with worthless extras

I’m sure you have received your own fair share of free presents after buying stuff online. Most of these FREE give away’s are worthless crap. Often they are made from outdated PLR materials that the marketers has picked up for a couple of dollars. It is the stuff that also ends up rotting away on your hard drive.

In my early days on the Internet I was at the receiving end of cleverly marketed products. I bought pretty much everything that was launched for a year straight, and yes, I did spend a LOT of money doing that.

I lacked focus and suffered from severe procrastination through reading and learning too much. But in all of that time I didn’t once get a valuable freebie.

4.) They use empathy

The fastest way to assimilate with you is through you. Clever marketers know that and a copywriter who doesn’t use this as part of his structured sales page misses a valuable ingredient.

When the sales person uses empathy, you are made to feel like you are one of many. This builds a fantasy community, warming you to the person doing the “talking”.

Making friends with your prospects is half the battle when it comes to sales. If people start to feel “close” to you, either by association, or through commonly shared problems, they convince themselves that they need your product right now.

5.) Hyped up pressure sales

These are common. Especially in the Internet marketing arena. How often have you seen a sales page that screams something similar:

  • Special offer, only 14, 13,12, 11 eBooks left before we charge more!
  • Urgent – we have decided to lower the cost of the product until midnight (about 1 day from today). If you act now, your will be saving $xx
  • By not buying, you will be left behind as the rest of your competition waves to you from the top

Each of these are typical examples of hyped up sales copy. The hype is designed to make you feel like you lose out if you don’t buy right now.

Know what?

It works!

6.) Action verbs

Action verbs like Generate, Accelerated, Combined, etc, all serve to make you do one thing – get into action and click that buy now button.

Using appropriate language when writing a sales copy is the difference between a sloppy marketing campaign and a successful one.

The big boys of marketing know that and that is why they pay a fortune to professional copywriters to do the job for them.

Have you ever realized you were smart sold to buy something you didn’t really need?

Tell us your story. Do you remember instances were you ended up buying without needing the product upfront. What got you to click that button?