Did you realize that small business owners are doing great things these days? It’s your turn to make a difference.

Back in the day when I started my business, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Initially, there were a lot of struggles to reach potential clients.

And I think marketing is the #1 concern of every startup entrepreneur. As the years go by, things started to shape up gradually. A startup needs quality time to mature – you must never give up.

And most likely, you’re looking for simple steps to grow your small business.

I need you to understand that there is a difference between “simple” and “easy.” The steps in this post are simple because anyone can do it, but it’s not a hit-and-run system.

1. Set a realistic goal from the onset

Setting a realistic goal is paramount to your success. You may have struggled in the past to make a sizable income – and you’re not alone. One thing that matters when the odds fall against you is to stay alive in your mind.

Something fabulous would happen in your startup business when you set a realistic goal. At the beginning, your goal would be to reach out and tape your “IDEA” in people’s mind.

At this stage, it doesn’t matter whether you make HUGE profits – it’s the teething stage. Allow the business to naturally adapt to changes in the economy. You’d share a better financial story in years to come.

2. Pursue your goals one step at a time

The second stage is dependent on the first. Once you’ve set a clear goal that’s within reach, it’s time to pursue it one step at a time. Of course, you can build an email list, engage in social media marketing and also monetize – but how much time do you’ve for each task?
Make the job easy on your path – if you want to create a good impression, then, pursue that goal until you can measure the success thereof.

Only then are you required to move on with the next goal. Goal setting is for those who can take baby steps. If you decide to handle every task at the same time, it can overwhelm you. Take this simple advice to heart – it’s priceless.

3. Set up a blog to suck organic traffic

You can’t grow your startup business successfully without attaching a blog to it, especially in this competitive age where every small business in your local city is rushing to grab your target audience. Even if you’ve a website already, it’s vital that you add a blog to it.

And again, blogs are naturally SEO-friendly. It’s easier to drive organic traffic to your product and service pages through blogging, than you would with a static website. Yes, a corporate website is still needful, but blogging is the best marketing tool right now.

I’ve a eCommerce online store where I review men’s fragrance, cologne and perfumes. And Google has been my #1 traffic source – courtesy of my blog.

Write compelling content for your blog consistently. Keep it fresh with new insights. Build a community around your blog and hopefully, you’d make more money.

4. Make your startup business a lifestyle

Are you passionate about your business? I’ve always been fascinated with men’s fragrance, perfume and cologne. But I didn’t blog about it.

I spent most of my time writing about internet marketing. Until now, I’ve moved into my passion and I’m enjoying it.

To successfully grow your startup business, you need to make it a part of your life. Talk about it – Develop your skills to align with the latest trends.

Don’t be found wanting at what you do. Invest as much as you can to build a strong brand for your small business.

People who have made success online in their startups were 98% passionate about it. They’re still in love with it till today.

I’m a freelance writer and that gives me fulfillment. I can imagine what life would have turned out if I didn’t discover my call. Running a business is like living – people who are out to suck others dry will fail. You’ve been warned!

5. Collect leads legitimately and communicate

If you ask me, email marketing is still very effective. My subscribers are the bedrock of my online business.

I feel happier every single day when I get a new person to join my list. Have you ever wondered why so many small business owners still struggle to make money online?

It’s because they ignored list building from the get-go. They were waiting for success to come before embarking on this awesome adventure.

But contrary to what you might think, to grow a startup business, you need to start collecting leads from the onset.

Don’t wait for a “magical push” before you can add optin box on your blog and landing pages. Start today.

Take this home

List building and email marketing is a must – you need it to trounce your competitors and decide where your business would be in 3 years from now.

Google makes the rule, but you’re not bound to obey it. If you can build a sizable and responsive email list, it’s a voucher to shop for free. Take action right now – see you ahead.

About the Author Michael Chibuzor is a content marketer and social media examiner. He runs an online store where you can find men’s fragrance online. You can learn more startup tips from this website. And you’re free to follow him on twitter.