2009 is here and it is time to re-evaluate what I offer from Information Products standpoint and design a path that will lead to providing most benefits to my customers and also keeping my business profitable.

This post is probably of direct interest to you if you own one of my products or like what I share on this blog and interested to have a look at paid options provided by me. Here I will discuss plans for Web 2.0 Wealth, Expert WordPress, Review Blog System and Expert Content (our latest addition to lineup).

Web 2.0 Wealth

My oldest product which was designed to combine the benefits of Article Marketing with Web 2.0 enhanced WordPress blog and help people earn their first dollar online. Biggest ambition of the project was to help people realize their hope and see that earning online is possible and when done right – it can be accomplished even by complete technical novice!

As time went by I have learned that 99% of the people decided not to use the product as intended and it was generally perceived as blogging training product. Granted it has plenty of tutorials on the topic but it wasn’t the product’s main design!

I’m a rather methodical persona and instead of changing the product I have developed new product alone with my partner Dmitriy to replace the Web 2.0 Wealth and supersede it in every aspect.

Since the product is mainly comprised of video tutorials and with release of WordPress 2.7 requires complete overhaul – I have decided to suspend all new sales and slowly phase out the product from offered lineup. Sales page was actually replaced by subscribe page couple weeks ago and all new accounts registration disabled on January 1st.

ALL existing customers will continue to receive my support as promised, just follow standard process!

Expert WordPress

Flagship product that was a result of collaboration between me and my partner Dmitriy it provided a simple way to install WordPress blog with all plugins fully activated and configured using custom script and multitude of videos that teach people about different aspects of blogging.

This product teaches strategies that I test on daily bases on this and a few of my niche blogs and shares exact steps to replicate the success I manage to achieve. Offered at 2 different membership levels this product is designed to address 2 different groups of people. Please read the post Create A Blog With Simplicity Using Expert WordPress to learn details about the product.

Because the product is mainly comprised of video tutorials – release of WordPress 2.7 forces us into almost complete rework of the product.

To ensure that we don’t get unhappy customers – we have suspended ALL sales of the product for now!

Product will be relaunched on January 20 (preliminary date) with all new video tutorials and a slight change in business model. All existing customers will be kept in the loop and provided with updates as we progress. We also started a blog dedicated to Expert WordPress product itself and you can always visit it for additional details and to ask questions related to the product.

Review Blog

Newer addition to our product lineup builds on success of the Expert WordPress and provides people with ability to start product review blog as simple as doing few clicks.

Product comes at 2 different price levels and once again designed to address different type of customers. We give you the ability to decide which version is right for you. Product is fully updated to WordPress 2.7 and continues to be a hot selling item, quite popular with our customers. We are also pleased that we almost don’t see any requests for refunds, quite unusual for info product but we can leave with it!

You can see full details on Review Blog System here.

Expert Content

Less then month old this product was direct result of multiple request we get from our customers. It addresses 2 biggest problem areas for new bloggers:

  • Niche research
  • Content creation

Product is a Monthly PLR membership that provides custoemrs each and every month with:

  • 300 Top-Quality PLR Articles Covering 12 Different Topics Every Month
  • 2 Different Graphic Headers For 12 Topics Every Month (24 .JPG & .PSD Headers)
  • 3 Private Label Rights Ebooks – Each Based On One Of The Selected Monthly Topics
  • 12 Ready-Made AdSense Websites – Each Based On The Selected Monthly Topics
  • …plus a few bonuses 🙂

Product is extremely affordable and so far we had only good feedback.You can check out full details on Expert Content here.

2009 Will Be Bigger And Better Then Ever!

While I’m removing W2.0W from product lineup – existing products address the many requests I have received over the time and also are result of collaboration between me and my partner Dmitriy, which allows us to provide better support and higher quality of the products offered.

If you are one of my existing customers and have conserns or questions – please ask them here, in form of comment. This will allow me to provide answers for everyone to see and save time.