I used to be an avid participant in Giveaway and even an organizer to one (Super JV Giveaway) a couple years back. But I think the entire concept is been diluted and abused way too often that I nearly never participate in them..

EXCEPT when I think event will provide value!

Today I want to share links to 2 events that meet that criteria and in one I’m actually a contributor but both will give you great value for the time and effort:

And here is why…

Free PLR Giveaway

Once you are in you get access to collection of info products with Private Label Rights. Requirement is that for this event each product has to be new and fresh so you will not be presented with something that was circulating a while and than finally made it to this event.

You get quality products you can call your own and sell (I recommend at least slight modifications and if you need guidance Doug has superb Video Training Curse on it) today and start profiting. Or you can use it as research point for your own product.

Truth is – with PLR – your options are limited only by your imagination. So get your imagination working, right now!

IM Training Giveaway

This event takes a novel approach – back to the basics! (not so novel, eh? 🙂 )

Organized by Mike Mazella and his partner event presents you with access to training guides to help you develop your own online business. But instead of overloading you with useless ebooks that been circulating the net for a while – it presents you with collection of guides from selct group of partners.

My own entry was my brand new guide “Tweet Your Blog” that was just released and it helps me deliver the information within to as many people as I can!

So get started and gran your own IM Training Guides.