12 Days Of Christmas giveaway is now officially past the mid mark and gifts for the days 8 and 9 available for download. And looks like Mark continues to deliver on his promise and provide more quality gifts to the members.

Although some gifts provided didn’t look like something I wanted to personally download – they might provide an “instant gratification” factor to the people who get it…

Here are the gifts for days 8 and 9 in order they currently displayed on downloads page:

  • Money-Making BlackHat adsense Portal: Christmas Niche by George Pluss
    I’m Giving Away ‘BlackHat’ Systems Today That Can Skyrocket Your Adsense and Links thrugh The Roof and literally FORCE you to dominate the Christmas Niche. 298 Keyword-Rich pages that generate traffic and profits on autopilot! Grab it FREE now!” – you be the judge but I didn’t get this one
  • Alan R. Bechtold’s E-Wealth Collection by Alan Bechtold
    Every week, online publishing and marketing legend Alan R. Bechtold divulges his latest insights and strategies, making his E-Wealth Report a coveted tool in every savvy online marketer’s arsenal. For the first time ever, Alan’s collected all of his favorite past articles from his sought-after publication into a single volume. Easily valued at more than , it’s all yours — FREE — thanks to Alan R. Bechtold and Mark Hendricks’ 12 Days of Christmas.” – in my opinion this is a great offer and I got it for myself.
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing by Louis Burleson
    “‘Real Life’ Causes of Internet Marketing Failure and What You Can Do to Prevent Them From Happening to You” – I always like to learn from mistakes of other people even though I have my own arsenal and this report is stored on my hard drive 🙂
  • How To Make A Fortune Buying & Selling Gold Coins by Kez Engineer
    This remarkable report uncovers a little known method that a few people are using to develop their wealth rapidly. Gold is set to soar in 2008 – the report shows you how you can easily get in on the gold boom by buying gold coins (from eBay and other sources) at significantly below their value and reselling them for huge profits.” – not my niche ..
  • Niche Free Content Searcher by Lex Edmonds
    Niche Free Content Searcher is a simple new software tool that makes it unbelievably easy to find heaps of free content on just about any topic — content that you can use in any way, such as writing articles/ebooks — or even just republishing totally unchanged. Value $ 27.” – ever run out of ideas? Fire up this tool and get some free content for your blog.
  • Classic Movie in IPod / MP4 format. by Charly Leetham
    “Grab this fantastic Classic Movie in MP4 / IPod format and watch it where ever you go! This will make a great present.” – I feel like dinosaur since I don’t own the iPod 🙂 and did get it
  • Making Money With Teleseminars Part 2: Q and A Teleseminar with Cindi Dawson by David Perdew
    Most people – including the Gurus – struggle with producing quality teleseminars and totally miss the boat when it comes to creating high-quality niche content that you can SELL! Master niche product creator Cindi Dawson has been quietly making a living for years producing niche content with teleseminars and packaging that into in-demand products that satisfies 100’s of eager buyers. And now she’s telling you exactly how to copy her success…” – if you are a people’s person this package well worth looking into.
  • 7 Days To Massive Traffic by Michael Holder
    Learn The Basic Traffic Tactics You Need To…Drive Visitors To Your Web Site! Inside “7 Days To Massive Traffic” you will learn the basic traffic tactics that you need to drive visitors to your website. Topics covered include: How To Use Free Methods To Get Traffic; Using Search Engines for Free Traffic; How To Use Pay Per Click Focus on Google Adwords; How To Use Pay Per Click Yahoo versus Adwords; and How To Use Viral Marketing! Plus you will learn how to get the most out of your traffic so that you don’t waste you time and efforts!” – I personally got so much info on traffic that didn’t get this one 🙁
  • Ready-Made Adsense Niche Websites by Strive Mazunga
    All The Dirty Work Done For You! Have Every Reason To Rely On Google Adsense To Pay For Your Monthly Bills. Discover How To Make An Extra $ 2,000 To $ 4,000 And More Each Month Using These Ready-Made, Plug-In Adsense Ready Templates. Google AdSense is a Fantastic Way for Anyone to Earn a Profit from a Website Without the Hassle of Actually Selling Anything!” – I don’t use AdSense but this collection could be a ticket for you to start earning
  • The 12 Days of Christmas Bronze Membership Special by Dan Foley
    You don’t realize it yet but in the next minute you’re going to be able to short circuit the expenses and learning time to become a successful Internet entrepreneur. You are going to get the products you need to sell successfully. You are going to get the web tools that the millionaire Internet guys use. You are going to learn how to get traffic. You are going to learn how to build lists. You are going to learn a whole lot more. And new information is added all the time. With the TrafficandProducts Bronze Membership you will get: training, ebooks, software, graphics, traffic, list building, Web 2.0, video, blogging, private label rights.” – membership site that I didn’t join since I just feel that I already have too many and not enough time to get the benefits from them.
  • How To Create A Profitable Information Empire In Only 10 Minutes A Day by Loretta Steffen
    This informative and entertaining audio will show you how in just 10 minutes a day you can develop your own successful information empire. Jeff and Lori entertain you as they show you the techniques they used to build their business. Created exclusively for Mark’s 12 Days of Christmas, this is the only place you can get this special recording.” – Since this is exclusive I downloaded it for review but 10 minutes a day just seem a bit unbelievable 🙂 , I’m known to make mistakes …
  • Membership Site Success Secrets by Henry Tjong
    Discover the secrets to get rich online running your own Membership Sites and earn lucrative income from the subscribers – over and over again!” – once again not downloaded because I already have a lot of info on the topic but don’t let my personal preference to stop you…
  • 8 Steps To Claiming Your Share Of The ‘Enormous Traffic’ [$ 27 value] by: Ed Duvall
    “Get this 46 page one of a kind ebook – “8 Steps To Claiming Your Share Of The ‘Enormous Traffic’ Available Everyday From Search Engines… Starting With Zero Visitors… And Attracting Thousands Of Qualified Buyers” in .pdf format that gives you an 8 step plan to obtain more traffic as well as indepth information to help you market your site online and increase traffic and income. Also includes Bonus Report – “5 Shortcuts To Getting Your Pages Indexed In Double Quick Time” – this one seems to be different so safely stored on my hard drive.

As you perhaps noticed I have skipped a few gifts in this round but by no means it was done because of the quality. I didn’t download them due to my personal preference and have no way of knowing how good they are. If you learn that I skipped something and it is a great product – I would appreciate if you comment and let me know…