12 Days Of Christmas gifts for Days 6 and 7 are available for download. What I like the most about event is variety of the offers that cover pretty much any topic you might be interested to learn about. And since you are not obligated to download all the gifts it makes it even better …

No matter what topic you are interested to have covered, chance are you will find the product that does just that…

Gifts for Days 6 and 7, in no particular order:

  • How To Sell Ebooks On Ebay For Profits & Subscribers by Stelios Eleftheriou
    Learn How To Recruit Thousands Of eBay Sellers Reselling Their Viral Ebooks… Earning You Autopilot Affiliate Commissions, Free Traffic & New Leads” – I personally have a deep dislike of eBay, which is perhaps my big failure because it used by many marketers to generate new leads and earn in process. This particular offering promises to tech just that.
  • 10 Things That eBay Power Sellers Know – that you might not! Resale / Giveaway Rights included by Ken Soszka
    Trying to make money on ebay? Ever wonder how the Power Sellers do it? Learn 10 important things that make the difference between struggling on eBay and being a Power Seller! Also see where they find products to sell at wholesale prices. Resale and Giveaway Rights are included with this professionally produced ebook. Great for building a list of work at home niche subscribers!” – One more eBay eBook I didn’t download but with Christmas upon us it might be something worth to look at. Right now is the busiest time of the year for power sellers and this just might be the chance to join them and cash in on buying frenzy.
  • Supreme Self Esteem – 4 Volumes MP3 Audio Downloads by Adam Eason
    Adam Eason’s “Supreme Self-Esteem” deals only with PROVEN strategies from years of experience. Real-life seminars, research and case studies are what this programme is founded on, as well as my own personal journey to develop my own self-esteem. There was a time when I had to do all kinds of puzzling behaviours because of the low value I had on myself. Now, I speak to audiences of thousands all over the world, my books are best sellers and my audio programmes sell globally. I share those secrets of how to feel good about yourself, to subsequently feel comfortable and at ease with the kind of life you want to lead.” – I personally already feel good about myself but if you need the boost, this just might be the answer…
  • Instant Marketing Plans Software by Kristi Sayles
    Unique Software That Guides You Step by Step Through the Tricky Process of Creating Powerful Marketing Plans for Your Small Business.” – Failure to plan is a plan to fail or something to that effect… Time organization and planning are not my strongest points and since I’m already working on my new project(shhh … don’t tell anyone 🙂 ) I got this one safely tacked away on my hard drive with a convenient access.
  • Magic Graphics Set by Marek Brezina
    Get an instant access to the fantastic package of 90 brand new & professionally designed website graphics worth $ 4100! You have a great opportunity to get up to 20 Mini-Site Graphic Templates and 70 Web Graphic Elements designed in the best possible quality – PLUS these superb graphics also come with the full PSD source files just for your use in Photoshop! Simply, this is a *must-have* for every webmaster and you shouldn’t really miss this killer package as it’s completely 100% FREE!” – I love the quality of graphics created by Marek and this is not the first time I get it from him – downloaded and highly recommend you do same. Tip: you get a lot more then he initially promises, so don’t miss this gift!
  • Press Release Your Site To Success by Alex Yong
    Do you know how to promote your site via press release. You might think its difficult. Let this guide show you exactly how you can do it.” – Another great resource I have downloaded. Just because I blog doesn’t mean that traditional methods of promotion don’t apply and Press Release is one of the very effective methods.
  • *EXCLUSIVE* Video Interview with Mike McGroarty by John Bradshaw
    Learn how Mike McGroarty, the “dumb ole dirt farmer”, who didn’t know anything about how to build a website and could barely use a computer, built his internet business from scratch starting with thirty-five dollars…and then built a list of 40,000 subscribers…creating a six-figure income from his simple web business. In this 55-minute video you’ll watch as John David Bradshaw grills Mike to get every last tidbit of information about his business strategies and tactics for making money online in a niche market.” – If you decide to skip this one just remember one thing – bloggers are all niche marketers, just some more effective than others. Here is a great way to learn how to increase your effectiveness. I got this one downloaded 🙂
  • Mini Audio E-Course: REV-TACTICS-From Start-Up to Clients in 12 Weeks AND E-Book: 10 Low or No Cost Ways to Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Small Business Website by Janis Pettit
    “Rev-Up Tactics will introduce you to a 20 simple step system that can help you sail quickly from start up to clients. Then 10 WAYS will show you how to explode sales by driving a steady stream of qualified leads to your website and position yourself as a go-to expert.” – I got this one downloaded but didn’t have a chance to evaluate it yet. Sounds promising and as result safely stored on my hard drive 🙂
  • Wasted VRE by Scott and Sharlene Raven
    Who Else Wants SEVEN Little-Known Ways To Make More Money From Your Website – Guaranteed? (Endorsed by Dr. Mani)” – Dr. Mani endoreses it, then good enough for me not to mention that Scott and Sharlene always mange to put some quality into their offerings.
  • How to Market your eBooks as a Teleseminar Guest by Jeanette Cates
    Insider secrets to selling your information products via teleseminar. You’ll learn how to: Book more calls – Feel totally prepared before you make the call – Use 3 simple steps to generate more sales on the call – Get invited back again and again – and so much more! You’ll love every step of this process. Whether you sell ebooks, audios, or physical products, the insights you get from this report will fill your calendar and put money in your pocket.” – Subject that I know nothing about and with couple of those coming up – this gift made it to my hard drive and rather high on my list of priorities for evaluation.
  • The Power, Peace & Prosperity of Your Subconscious Mind by Dale Odeyemi
    Is It True! The Amazing Power of Your Subconscious Mind … “Automatically Brings You Anything You Desire” And In 5 Seconds Starts To Draw Riches, Love, Friends, Power And Much More Into Your Life? … See For Yourself!” – Similar to one above, I tend to feel good about myself already and have strong confidence so I skipped this gift.
  • Big Profits, Big Ideas System by Albert Grande
    Learn how your ideas can trun into big money. Learn how you can make hundreds of dollars writing down a mini story. How I turned a giveaway, that no one wanted, into hundreds and hundreds of dollars. How you can be inspired by the gurus of $ 30,000 in 30 Days to create an easy information product.” – Not quite sure what to make of this offer but I have skipped it.
  • 21 Header Graphics Special by Dee Ferdinand
    21 Header Graphics include 10 Christmas Headers and eBusiness Headers. Easily modify using GIMP.org and Getpaint.net – great package, get it all now!” – Anytime I get a chance to get graphics – I get them. This one is not exception and savedin my graphics folder – thanks Dee!
  • Simple Product Big Profits – MP3 Audio Interview by Jason Dinner
    Having your own product(s) is the key to the castle, but coming up with an idea for a product can be intimidating. Well, Not Anymore… This audio interview will show you how to come up with idea after idea and where to look for potential product ideas.” – Jason is always delivering quality and I have downloaded this interview. Since the audio takes time to listen to, obviously I haven’t had a chance yet but still would recommend you get it.

So there you have it! Days 6 and 7 of 12 Days of Christmas contributions with my personal notes. Please be aware that choices I made are based on my own personal experience and needs and if you feel that a product I decided not to download covers your particular area of interest – get it!

I personally know how hard it was to qualify to become a contributor to Mark’s event and quality was an absolute requirement.

Make sure to get yours as this is once a year event!