First of all I would like to apologize for delay with this report as Days 4 and 5 of 12 Days Of Christmas are now available for download and I still haven’t posted about what awaits for you “behind the door“.

While many bloggers brash off these events as something that doesn’t apply to them, I want to be sure that you have full understanding on what you might be missing. Mark made contributors submit some quality information and products and they are all available for FREE, many with resell or giveaway rights. Do you just blog or do you also work on building your list? To build the list – you need to give away something of value! And here is your chance to get that something at no cost…

Days 4 and 5 Gifts from 12 Days Of Christmas

  • Keith Choy’s Christmas Gift Bundle specially for 12 Days of Christmas Celebration! by Keith Choy. Collection of information and tools that I personally didn’t signup for yet but at least one of the tools from collection looks promising and something I’m still considering – “My Sneaky Tactic On How To Add Audio Animation FREE To Any Video”
  • How to Achieve Success in Any Area of Your Life The Fast, Fun and Easy Way With Success Programmer Special Edition Software by Michael Varada. Interesting software that provides you with wealth of quotes. If you need a good quote to break the topic and provide some social proof – this one can be of great help and readily available. Also comes with an eBook filled with quotes for 365 days.
  • 3 Ways To Tell Debt To “Bleep” Off by Found Secrets. “If you could just get out of that mountain of debt! But, before you go and follow the advice of all those ads, pick up this free gift and learn 3 better ways to tell debt to “bleep” off.” With debt in US getting out of hands – this guide might be a nice addition to your personal library.
  • INTERNET MARKETING PRODUCT DATABASE WORTH $ 67.00WITH RESELL AND GIVEAWAY RIGHTS! by Detlev Reimer. Wholly grail of list-builder, products with the rights to resell or giveaway to build your list. Should I say anything more?
  • Article MorphTurning PLR Articles To Gold by Melvin Ng. Have a niche blog you are monetizing via AdSense and a whole bunch of PLR articles you can’t use due to duplicate content? Here your solution. This product was previously available as a premium and now you can simply download it.
  • Start Your Own Article Directory by Jim Miller “The great thing about having your own article directory is you can make MONEY … plus you can print your views on anything you want. You can rant and rave and blah blah blah and no one will censor you. This guide shows you how to set up your own, and what to watch out for.”
  • Templates In A box by Alex Albert “5 Free Full MiniSite Templates Include: Full editable header and footer file in PSD format… Complite MiniSite template… Full optimized and editable html template (just copy and paste text to your salesletter and your done)… Matching background image… 6 matchhing COOL/HOT order buttons… Additional Header and Footer in PNG + JPG format… eBox Ecover – matching template… Action Script to create eBox Cover… All 5 MiniSites Templates go with PLR License” Graphic designers expensive and anytime I an score a deal like this – I’m game. Highly recommended download.
  • How to Instantly Profit From Powerful Online Persuasion Strategies! by Corey Lewis. “This Rare Midnight Recording Reveals the Immutable laws of Persuasion and how you can use them ETHICALLY to Build rapport with your list and ultimately increase your bottom line! These Strategies are so Powerful the GURU’s have been Hiding them away…BUT not anymore! Corey Lewis and Joe Lavery Reveal All…” I have downloaded but due to time constrains haven’t touched it yet 🙂 so you are on your own …
  • How I Got 1296 Active Members to a Brand New Membership Site in 44 Days, Starting from Scratch by Chris Lockwood. “Updated highlights from the best-selling ebook about getting lots of members to a membership site fast, without a big list or cash“. Since I have a membership site I have downloaded the product but once again haven’t touched it. If this model is for you I would get it. Chris knows what he is doing and I’m a willing student no matter where knowledge is coming from…
  • Quick Niche Article Generator v1.0 by Munya Chinongoza. “Brand New Software That Helps You Easily Create Your Niche Articles In Just A Few Minutes. Creates Unlimited Number Of Professional Looking Niche Articles using a simple fill-as-you-go interface.” While I prefer the handwritten content this software might be well worth the subscription if you have multiple blogs on different niches.
  • Dave Lovelace’s Quick & Easy Infoproduct Creation Guide by Dave Lovelace. “Discover The Secret Formula To Quickly Cranking Out Hot-Selling Low Cost, High Profit eBooks, Audios, and Video Information Products On A Budget!“. I personally already have couple really good guides so I didn’t get this one but if you don’t know the process – have a look at this freebie.
  • Attention Grabbing Ads – Locked to Scroll by Greg LLoyd. “How about creating Eye Catching, Attention Grabbing Ads which lock to the page scroll feature… In other words, when the user scrolls your page the ad will follow them down the page. You Can: * Use them in Timed Exposure – 15, 30 or 60 Seconds. * Use the Close Button or NOT * Use designed Templates * Load your ads or subscription boxes on ether side of your page. * Use the Software even if you have no HTML experience”. Once again I have couple programs / scripts that do this job quite nicely and didn’t get this one.
  • Build Your Own Mailing List by Anthony Schumacher. “How to Turn Your Vistors Into Subscribers And Customers This concise ebook will show you 8 simple things that you can do RIGHT now to improve your List building effrots.” List building guide I didn’t download – I already have several but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it …

So, the gifts keep on coming and quality fully justifies the timely releases. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Mark’s event is that gifts become available in stages, which makes it simple to evaluate and get what you need.

Choose carefully or grab them ALL!

…and if you didn’t join yet, here is your chance