As I have promised before this is a first post in the series where I share my personal opinion and my personal picks of the gifts presented at Mark Hendricks 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway. Today is the Day 1 of the event and new gifts will be added each odd day that will correspond to 12 in total, so the next batch of contributed gifts will be released on December 3rd and then 5th, etc.

Mark has promised quality and unique offers and Day 1 delivers on its promise! So here is my recount of what is available and what I think about each offered gift…

  1. Mark’s Own ISS audio lessons. This download have been available from the very first moment that Giveaway was announced but make no mistake – these are 5 audio recordings power packed with information. I have already managed to listen to couple recordings and while much of the information I already knew – I managed to pickup a couple pieces already that make it well worth the 3 minute of time investment to get it. Plus once you refer some friends – you get access to even more audio recording. Now that is Viral Marketing at its best πŸ™‚
  2. Send 1,000 Website Visitors To ANY Website by Jack Sinclair is a report that works in much familiar to me realm of social networking and information he shares in many ways resembles what I teach in my Web 2.0 Wealth System for generating traffic but it does gives at least one gem that I haven’t personally tested before and something I will most definitely implement.
  3. Starving Market Locator by Lisa Preston. This report you simply MUST have as it contains within several hundreds of researched niches. There is only couple things left for you – do a keyword research using one of the freely available tools or Wordtracker (my favorite) and start blogging about. I have picked couple from the list and seen nearly no competition. Don’t know what to blog about? Well here is your chance to pick what you need.
  4. “Web Protect Pro” + “Webmastery Magic”: Two Powerful Set Of Tools For Webmasters (and Webmistresses!) by Ian Traynor. Set of tools you will find useful in day to day routine as webmaster and blogger. Since I already had many of the similar tools I didn’t download this collection but it is worth the look as many of will be needed in your venture if you are serious about building business online.
  5. Increase Website Conversions Like Crazy by Dan Blackburn is a One Time Offer script. While I haven’t installed and testing this one you always want to have something like this handy. I have downloaded it and recommend you do same.
  6. Attention Grabbing Unblockable Popup In WordPress by Pawan Agrawal is a WordPress plugin to create a DHTML popups to offer a subscription to your list or product you are selling. For me it was a no-brainer download.
  7. How To Make Your Own Professional WordPress Blog by Odinn Sorensen. Video tutorial on setting up a WordPress blog and obviously I have signed up to evaluate possible competition to my main product. No to bust on Odinn, as I have seen that he always manages to deliver quality products but this time instead of set of videos he provides only one and promises to deliver more later. I’m sure he will keep his promise but I personally wish he had them availableUpdate: Odinn came through and provides 8 total video tutorials, you really should check them out πŸ™‚
  8. 12 Brand New PLR Articles On Weight Loss by Rosie Cottis. I personally didn’t get this one since I’m not in this niche and have no interest but I have seen Rosie’s articles before and generally they are very well written (lot better then I could manage), so if this is your playing field – get them at least to use as an idea generator or do some re-write to use as your blog post.

This summary concludes Day 1 of 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway and if you haven’t grabbed these great freebies – now is as good time as any. And if you join through my link – it would allow my own product to be presented to you as download so much sooner πŸ™‚