niche profit classroomNiche Profit Classroom 2.0 goes live on July 28 and for a limited time will be available for just $1 so my partner and I are offering a $1128 worth of bonus designed to complement the NPC training.

Got to love Affiliate Competitions!

But our reason is not only to try and win the competition. If you are one of our custoemrs you are already fully aware that we have recommended Niche Profit Classroom multiple times as we believe that training Adam and Alen provide is one of the most unique and simplest to follow!

Simple truth is – you see most of the earning on internet when you have your own product or two or more! Affiliate marketing is great but the money is in your own product! NPC will show you how to create that product and get traffic.

And while they offer their own version of custom WordPress, which supposedly puts them into competition with our main product – I think what we offer doesn’t compete with them but both products greatly complement each other!

What Is Niche Profit Classroom?

Simply put it is a easiest to comprehend and follow training that will show you step-by-step how to

  1. Pick guaranteed to be profitable Niche Market
  2. How to locate key phrases on Google using their unique Money Words Matrix that will drive never ending traffic to new site
  3. How to create a mini-site that will generate income on almost complete autopilot. They call it silent cash machines.
  4. Tools to get all of the above faster and simpler

And while there are a tons of other training, information etc – what I have described above is the core of their offering! This is what people pay for!

Niche Profits Classroom launched about a year ago and based on my conversation with Alen and what I personally see they have one of the highest retention rates in industry! Anywhere between 65 to 80% of the customers who purchase their membership – stick with it!

Reason for it is quite simple – they massively over deliver on their promise and people succeed using their system. But if you try to join now – you are out of luck!

Niche Profit Classroom is closed for new members right now! Good news is:

July 28 at noon Eastern, Niche Profit Classroom 2.0 Re-Opens for just $1

It is a time limited promotion that will be available to new customers who will join during the 7 days of the re-launch!

$1 will get you 7 days full access to their training, products, tools and much more so you can evaluate if it fits your goals, your needs!

And Just For Trying Niche Profit Classroom I want To Offer You $1128 Bonus!

Even if you decide to cancel their membership – you can keep the bonus offer that my partner Dmitriy and I have put together! And we can do it because we know that very high percentage of the people will actually stick to their program!

Unlike many others who will make similar offers for the re-launch we have carefully put together a bonus package designed to complement what you will learn in Niche Profit Classroom and put it into direct action in your first 7 days of membership!

Your $1 will go a LONG WAY if you can start earning as fast as possible!

We all get to benefit!

  • You – by getting superb training and complete access to our unique bonus
  • Us – by getting affiliate commissions and taking a shot at winning affiliate competition

Access Your Niche Profit Classroom Bonus Details Here