I wrote about how to setup BANS sites easy within minutes and some of you liked that post so much they asked for a tutorial on how to setup the actual store pages on BANS. So, since your wish is my command, here is is.

If you are not sure how to get to this stage, I suggest you read my earlier post and then proceed from there.

1.) First, you should have changed your password by now in your BANS admin under the Security tab. Simply type a new username and password (make sure you remember) and click on the Save button.

bans password

2.) To setup your home page according to the keyword you target click on the Setup tab next. Now follow these instructions using the numbered sections as a guidance (please not, the bullet numbers reflect the numbers in the sections)

  1. Type your site name, then in the category number field type the number 2. Don’t touch anything else in this section.
  2. Leave all the meta tags untouched. If you follow my instructions they will be automatically generated.
  3. Under this section you can select how your BANS store pages display the wares. I normally leave them untouched as is.
  4. This section is important if you want to track and own the earnings of your site. For this you will have to login to your ebay admin and create a campaign ID. Once you have this number, insert it into the field. It should be a 10 digit number. You can also un-tick the box with the note “display powered by link”. This will remove the BANS link from the footer in your pages.
  5. Products per page = 27. In the search term field type your main keyword.
  6. Choose open (store) from both of the menus

Now click save. Congratulations, you have just setup your BANS home page in the space of about 2 minutes.

Now that you have a home page, we will need to create store pages. from within your BANS admin click on the Store Pages tab. You will see the following:

BANS store pages

Click on Create Store Page. Now, as before we will follow along with the different sections:

  1. Leave blank (it will be automatically generated)
  2. Type a useful and appropriate description in the fields. You don’t have to do this, but it would be helpful for the search engines.
  3. in the Link Name field type your keyword. in my example I’m using Apple iPod (it’s not a real one). In the Page URL field below you type the same keyword(s) but omit the space, so in my example it would read appleipod
  4. In the Search Query field type the keyword like this: apple-ipod

This is basically it. Once you setup your Setup tab and the first page I also suggest you go into your Content Pages tab and edit the home page. You will need to physically insert the Title, meta tags and descriptions here for best SEO.

A word on Clickbank and third party ads

BANS gives you the option to insert your clickbank ID as well as use third party ads like affiliate programs. My suggestions is to leave them be, since your foremost motivation with BANS is to sell eBay stuff. The more you clutter your store pages with these extras, the worse your eBay commission will be.

I would appreciate it if you could leave some feedback if this tutorial was helpful to you.