BANS is a rocking software, allowing us to build niche store sites utilizing eBay, Clickbank, Google Adsense and other affiliate products. BANS software is not free and needs to be purchased from Clickbank before you can follow this tutorial.

However, for niche marketers looking to earn some decent long term and residual income, BANS is one cool way to get there. A friend of mine who started working BANS sites only about 5 months ago is earning $100+/day now. I’m also in the process of building my own BANS empire, albeit a little slower due to a busy freelance writing business. šŸ™‚

Yes, it did take some doing, getting to where he is, mainly with many long hours setting up his stores and a lot of time spent on promoting those sites, but it is time well spent, let me tell you.

To get started you will need to log into your hosts cPanel. This can be found by typing the following into your browser

1.) Login into your cPanel and setup a database

You’ll see the following if you use the same theme as me (most cPanels do). In the middle you see an icon marked MySQL databases, click on that.

bans 1

What we need to do now is to setup a new database (1), a new user (2) and a password (2), then assign the user to the database (3) as seen on the following screen shots.

database name

database user

add user to database

Once you followed all the above steps you can move on to the next part of the BANS installation. Keep this window open as you will come back.

2.) Setting up your BANS store

Type your URL (the one you use for your BANS site) into your browser (new tab)

E.g. = Once you do this the following window will present itself.

bans store setup step 1

I won’t go into details on how to upload your BANS files to your server, since this is explained in detail in the BANS user guide. Once you have done this it will be very easy to do again anyway. Plus, if you use a reseller account you only need to do this once by creating a skeleton directory.

As you can see, we’ve already done step 2 on this image. To CHMOD (give permissions) step 3 you need to go back to your cPanel and look for the File Manager icon. Click on that.

file manager

Now follow these steps exactly as outlined:

  • Double click on the folder next to public_html
  • Double click on the cont folder to open
  • Click on cont.php
  • In the top right window you see Change Permissions, click on that
  • Change permissions to 777 as seen in the next image and click Change


Now go back to your browser with your BANS store setup and click continue.

Whatever you do, do not delete your install.php file at this stage!

If you do this step right you’ll see the following image next.

Insert the appropriate information into the Database Name, Username and Password fields. Do exactly as I indicated in the fields. For example, if your database name is ipod, your cpanel username is bigapple, your database uername is bans and your password is secret you would write the following:

  • Database Name = bigapple_ipod
  • Username = bigapple_bans
  • Password = secret
  • Server = as is (localhost)

BANS store setup step 2

If you have done the previous steps correctly, the following image will be seen.

BANS store setup step 3

Click continue

BANS store setup step 4

Now, as outlined in the screen shot above, go back to your cont.php file and reset the permissions to 644. If you are not sure how to do this look at the first steps in this part of the tutorial.

While you are in the File Manager, under public_html you also see a file called install.php – delete this file by clicking on delete in the top right hand side window after you clicked on the file name.

file manager admin

Click on the Login button (in your Install Your Store Step 4) screen to login to your BANS store. Use the following login details:

  • Username = admin
  • Password = bans

If for some reasons you lost the last screen, type in your browser, this will bring you to your login screen.

BANS first time log in screen

As soon as you are logged in for the first time change your username and password to something more secure. Don’t forget to note this down though otherwise you won’t be able to login in the future.

You can do this by clicking on the Security tab.

BANS admin panel

I hope this BANS tutorial was helpful to get you setup with your first BANS store. All you need to do now is actually add store pages and content to your BANS site.