Getting something for nothing is called stealing! … unless your were permitted to get it and then it becomes an awesome deal! Well I’m here to present you with a couple of places where you can get a bucket-load of awesome deals!

Lightning Giveaway 2 – my friends Mike Mazella and Devid Thompson managed to twist the arms of 25 well-know or upcoming internet marketers and forced them to create a brand new product to be given away on their event. For 2 weeks, till May 14th you can get access (FREE I should mention) to 25 brand new products that were never presented before.

The Golden Giveaway – Alejandro Perez-Prat provides you with a chance to get over 195 gifts, steal them if you like but beware – this one is also time limited and will run for about a month so jump on it and load up your hard drive with some digital products.