imageThis post was written by Monika Mundell of Freelance Writing.

While mulling over ideas to post here for Alex on his WordPress Web 2.0 blog I came across some notes of mine I made a little while back. I was in the middle of updating my Portfolio site and tried to make a good job of it.

While looking at my brainstorming notes I thought why not make a post out of it.

I wanted you guys to see what type of process goes into creating a Portfolio site. This applies to anybody who offers a service of some kind. Whether you are a web designer, a graphic designer or a freelancer, it doesn’t matter.

Even bloggers who are serious about their growth can take advantage of this and use it for their blogs.

What message do you want to convey when you blog or do business?

Are you a freestyle blogger who writes when you have something to say, or do you also blog to announce your best friend’s wedding? As you know, bloggers are like ice crystals. We are all so varied that there is no two of the same.

And that is a great thing mind you.

After all, we need to keep our identity intact and project our core being to the world without stepping in other people’s every foot steps. But how do we do this and stand out from the millions?

This is a question that had me in deep thought for some time and only after talking to a good friend did the lights come on eventually.

See, it’s all about perception!

Show others what you are made off. For example, what are your strongest points? Is it:

  • your style
  • your flair
  • your character
  • your integrity
  • your ability
  • your humor
  • your attitude
  • or else

As bloggers we have the ideal platform to show the world exactly what we want them to see. Most bloggers are honest people from their hearts, but one negative of the Internet is the fact that we can’t really validate whether person XY is really who they say they are unless…

… They show association

Do you know a famous blogger, or Internet marketer? Or perhaps your are best friends with a guy who knows such and such. In that case you’ll need to network like crazy to get to know this particular person if that is what you want.

Show association with people who can open doors for you. I don’t mean to go and suck up to them, but be courteous and network. In the online service industry all the points above and more count for much. It builds credibility in the marketplace and will help you to score better paying jobs and better connections.

Even for non business bloggers this can help to drive more traffic to your site. The power of association has always worked a treat and will continue to do so for many decades to come. Association is used by top Internet marketers every day in their sales pages and in their promotional emails. This association is called leverage.

The confidence issue

I often hear from my readers that they are afraid to do this and that because of a lack of confidence. I do understand this as it isn’t easy to come across as a knowledgeable person when we have just started out in a field.

But you know what, confidence really does help a lot in all aspects of life and every person, that means you too has a certain strength within that can be used to leverage confidence.

Do you feel confident enough to give this a try, or do you already use this in your blog or in your business? I’d love to hear from you guys and get to know you better.