Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop is Not For Everybody. But if you have desire to succeed and get ahead with your online business and turn your “hobby” into a productive business generating for you that extra income you always wanted – this is Your Chance!

My friend and partner David Perdew organizing workshop that will run from January 30 to February 2nd and designed to force you earn by end of Sunday and comes with money back guarantee! Pretty bold statement but to ensure he stands to keep his promise he invited several prominent Niche Marketers to guide the participants through EVERY step: Willie Crawford, Jeff Herring, Mark Hendricks, Xavier Nelson, David Perdew, and myself – Alex Sysoef.

This is Not A “Pitch Fest” seminar but a WORKSHOP! Those who choose to participate will have to come prepared to WORK for Success!

Why Niche Affiliate Marketing System?

Obviously I’m perhaps excited more then other speakers and for a couple of different reasons:

  1. This is my first public speaking gig where I’m given opportunity to share what I know and use on daily bases in front of LIVE audience.
  2. I’m in a company of people for whom I have great respect
  3. This is not just a “speak and sell” event but a workshop – meaning that each speaker will be doing presentation designed to teach people in audience Very Specific steps to be taken to achieve success and then followed by Hands On Work in groups with each group been guided by one of the presenters.

I’m very excited about the format of the event as I believe it will help us archive so much in short few days and every participant will walk away with a PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE to make money online.

I’m allotted 2 hours to do a presentation and my plans are to present what will be a Practical Blogging Session. I intent to share information on exactly How To Start blogging and generate traffic, right AFTER my presentation. A blueprint if you will that people can follow alone and while it will require work – it will give results. Presentation followed by hands on implementation of what I shared and guided by me and other presenters to help people put these strategies into action. Plain and simple.

Idea of my presentation is to not overwhelm the people with theory, ideas but rather practical strategies that can be implemented immediately! And I know other speakers are guided by similar principals and dedicated to help each and everyone who attend to Start Believing That Online Business Is Real! Income from your computer is a reality and arm people with knowledge to bring that reality to their homes.

Each presentation will be building on information shared by previous speaker and designed to advance the knowledge gained and move just one step closer to the final goal – help you earn online.

Tell me if this is Not a Plan To Beat Recession!?

Workshop price is currently offered at discount until Decemebr 13, so I recommend you have a look at it now.

Obviously I could write a lot more about the event and what will be presented as I’m very excited about this opportunity to work directly with those of you who read my articles, believe that I actually have something to share to continue reading my blog and eZine and even purchase products I have created that share similar information.

But Wouldn’t You Rather To Learn It From Me Directly?!

And what is even more – besides my presentation you will get a unique opportunity to learn from people very well known and respected in industry such as Willie Crawford, Mark Hendricks. Quite frankly I’m excited to be able to learn from them directly myself! It is a rare opportunity and I hope to see you in Atlanta!