mentorThere is need for a mentor in any field. Being it in academics, business, research, etc, the presence of a good mentor will always make a difference. A mentor is someone who has succeeded in a field, is trusted and whose counselling on that particular field is considered the best. When we are just beginning out on something, say we want to enroll in a new school, start a new business or changing a career, we need somebody, a well-established person, who will stand beside us and help us out during those tough times.

No gurus

Probably, you‘ve met a million gurus before, especially on the net, but a business mentor may not have occurred to you before. A business mentor is meant to guide you through your entrepreneurship journey – giving you advices, suggestions and providing solutions to your challenges and difficulties. Anything worth doing in life has that initial tough stages when things will seem more difficult and stressful. Having a mentor increase the chances of success in any area and business is not an exception. Business mentor means you have somebody who have faced and conquered the same problems as you and understands the ways through which you can escape from the world of solo-amateur control over business crisis and risks. The truth is you need a business mentor. When searching for one, take the following tips into consideration.

How To Find A Mentor

Niche- You must choose a business mentor from the same niche as you. In order to get the best from their coaching and experiences, your business mentor must be a successful person in your area of specialty. The reason I started my first affiliate marketing business was a webinar I had paid good money for. The teacher took me from zero to quitting my day job in 12 months. My learning curve was almost annihilated because of his support and guidance. I received such knowledge that others need years of trial and error to get. Nevertheless, the fact that somebody is successful in a particular niche shouldn’t necessarily make him your mentor. For example, having a software developer or a plumber coach you in affiliate marketing might not be the brightest idea.

  • Associate – You will have higher chances of meeting the right business mentor if you network well. Sitting in a place and hoping that (s)he comes from nowhere won’t do you any good. Go out to forums, social networking sites and other places specialized to your field and mingle with people who are higher than you. Visit even the local clubs and associations that are related to your field and get connected to successful people there. Starting your communication gently and in the right manner will help increase your chances of being welcomed
  • Look At Their Achievements – Don’t just pick somebody because they are specialized in your area. Your ideal business mentor must have good records. Take your time and analyze their business achievements, skills and performance. Your decision should not be based on what they claim to be. Most people fake their identity and possibly present false self images. Your decision should be based on facts.
  • Overnight Success Doesn’t Exist – Don’t expect that your ideal business mentor will shoot you to success within few minutes of finding him. Getting the best SEO consultant won’t give you top rankings next morning. No, it doesn’t work like that. It takes just the same systemized approach as you would have done. But now basing those on steps and principles you are sure will work by following the directions and suggestions of your mentor. Clear your mind of getting results immediately as you meet the right mentor and be committed to putting in more efforts. Overnight business success is not ideal and you should never follow any person or “guru” promising you such.

A good business mentor will stand by your side both during good times and tough times. You stand to benefit from your mentor’s experience and tested business strategies – the one great reason mentors are needed. If you haven’t been thinking about it, then you have a re-think to do today. And remember: buy your mentor a pizza and a couple of beers from time to time and you will have the deepest “secrets” of your specialty fall in your hands.

Guest Post By: Steven has a major in Business Economics and IT from the University of Wales. He’s been an active blogger since 2009 when he quitted his day job as a financial broker. He usually writes for software, coupons, tech services and succesful online businesses who manage time and employees as and others. One of his websites is