His “First Law of Success” – The Master-Mind Principal – may well have defined the direction, power and success of Internet Marketing forever.


Can you even begin to imagine how different the world of internet marketing would be today if Napoleon Hill – the iconic author of “Think and Grow Rich” – had lived during OUR generation?

Tens of thousands of pseudo-IM’ers and countless other pretenders-to-the-pixel-throne would’ve ceased to exist – “intellectually vaporized” by the gargantuan power of Napoleon Hill’s divine formula for unlimited riches and prosperity known as…

… The Master-Mind Alliance …

Now, 37 years after the man who coined the phrase “thoughts are things” passed over into the realm of legends, another man is doing what Napoleon Hill would’ve given his right arm to do – had he been alive today…

… integrating Key Master-Mind principals into a mega-powerful Internet Marketing “Coaching and Training” program designed to teach you how to become a “Master Of Your Own Online Business!”

That man is Frank Terranova… a typical American guy leading a typical American life – with one extraordinarily a-typical difference…

Frank has not only “tapped into and mastered” Napoleon Hill’s “Master-Mind Principal” – but he has also developed and launched a truly life-changing, wealth-attracting IM mentoring and coaching program based on the Master-Mind Principal in conjunction with one of the most powerful online master-mind groups on the planet…

… Master-Mind Pros …


In this brief but punishingly honest review of Master-Mind Pros, I have endeavored to explore every facet of the program – and the experts behind it, including Frank Terranova.

I have looked at its strengths AND weaknesses. I have compared it with other, more established groups. And above all else, I have sought to measure it against the “simplistic genius” of the original (pre-computer age) concept developed and utilized by Napoleon Hill himself.

Ok, to begin with, let’s look at the pros and cons of online master-mind groups / programs in general:

Ironically, there ARE no cons when it comes to being a member of an online master-mind group. However, there’s a lot to be desired about the way in which many of these sites are structured.

See for yourself… go to Google.com or Yahoo!Search and type in the keyword phrase “internet marketing mastermind groups”. If you actually take the time to visit each and every site, you’ll be shocked!

… More than 40% of the top twenty master-mind
sites in Google and Yahoo! are c-r-a-p …

Not *crap* as in they’re butt-ugly, but *crap* as in many of them are nothing more than C-Grade affilliate sites, clogged to the eye-balls with AdSense and every other conceivable form of monetization… and they’re severely lacking in sticky content!

I would even go so far as to bet that few of the authors of these sites have ever read more than a page or two of Think and Grow Rich – let alone Napoleon Hill’s greatest work – The Laws of Success. If they had, they would’ve been “walking the talk” and filling those web pages with content so “rich and sticky” they would’ve drawn in traffic faster than a nudist convention in a Walmart car park!!!

So… what is it that elevates Frank Terranova and his Master-Mind Pros program so far above most of these other advocates of Napoleon Hill’s teachings?

Well, for starters…the guy’s REAL! He practices what he preaches! And what he “preaches” is REAL!

I mean, just take a look at the way I came to meet Frank in the first place. It’s not like I ever knew or had even heard of the guy before all of this. I didn’t just bump into him on the street or find his website by chance. No, it was much more enlightening than that…

How we met is a living testament to the very basis for the Master-Mind principal itself…

… The Law Of Attraction …

Here’s how it happened…

One of Frank’s own coaches – Rocque Bowen – found my blog by pure chance (or was it???) and ended up becoming one of my customers (coincidence???). Anyway, Rocque was so impressed with my Web 2.0 Wealth System that she got me for an interview – and then introduced me to Frank Terranova himself! A few emails and phone conversations later, Frank asked me straight out… “if the blog I’d created as part of my Web 2.0 Wealth System could be used as the basis for their blog coaching program”…

Holy crap! What are the odds of THAT happening?!

Surprisingly high, as it turns out – because according to the late, great Napoleon Hill, “thoughts are things”and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having more than just a ‘few passing thoughts, dreams and wishes’ that I could somehow meet a great mentor and coach myself, one day.

In my opinion, and in the opinion and real-life experience of many others, Frank Terranova is exactly that – a great mentor and coach who, through his Master-Mind Pros program, has been able to help people like you and I make “life-changing strides forward” in our quest for success in both life and business.

Ok, ok, ok… now you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t think that this is a “paid review”… I mean, since when has Alex Sysoef been THIS over-the-top about a coaching program – or any other product or service for that matter?

Well, guess what… this is NOT a paid review and “no, I DON’T have shares in Frank’s company”.

However, I DO have more than one vested interest in the successful outcome of Master-Mind Pros, though.

For starters, I have an affiliate marketing arrangement with Frank. I’d be mad if I didn’t! Secondly, and more importantly, I have a vested interest in YOUR success as well!

Why would I care so much about YOUR success? Because as cliche’d as it sounds…

… Your Success Is My Success …

…and the more I type the words of this “ever-lengthening” review, the more I’m beginning to realize that something far, far bigger is just around the corner for both of us.

You see, I don’t pretend to be an expert in all-things-blogging, let alone all-things-Internet-marketing. In fact, there’s a ton of stuff I don’t know about – or can’t do very well in this industry of ours.

For instance, I absolutely, S-U-C-K at trying to earn money on eBay! Pay-Per-Click advertising via Google Adwords or Yahoo! also has a few “dark and painfully expensive” memories for Alex Sysoef. Business development – a subject that IM superstars like Rich Schefren, Russell Brunson, Joel Comm, Armand Morin and Mike Filsaime (to name a few) have absolutely mastered – is about as clear to me as toenails on a worm! Oh, and as for writing seamless, grammatically perfect web copydon’t even “go there!!!”

So, why am I telling you all this? Because BOTH of us have…

… An incredible opportunity to change
and improve almost every aspect of our lives
as bloggers and Internet Marketers …

BOTH OF US have an opportunity to EMBRACE THE POWER OF THE MASTER-MIND ALLIANCE under the guidance and care of the experts at MASTER-MIND PROS.

Originally, I was just going to market the Master-Mind Pros program like any other affiliate marketer would market a product or service. But after meeting the people involved and having a chance to thoroughly explore the content on offer, I have no hesitation in commiting myself to it “lock, stock and barrel”… and I warmly invite you to join me.

On that note, why not scroll down the following list of Internet Marketing topics and make a note of what you need to “brush up” on. Chances are, you’ll end up with a lot of notes!

  • Adwords & Keywords
  • Affiliate Tools
    • Copy Writing
    • Landing Pages
  • Autoresponders
  • New Products
  • Affiliate Marketing
    • Clickbank
    • LinkShare
    • ModernClick
    • Trade Doubler
    • Performics
    • MLM
  • Traffic
  • eBay
  • Advertising
    • Yahoo
    • Microsoft
    • Personality Selling
    • The Steps to a Sale
    • Offline Advertising
  • General Business
    • Success Coaching
    • Home Business Management
    • Networking
    • Doing Business on the Internet

Believe it or not, this is just a small sample of the topics featured in the current Master-Mind Pros training syllabus. I doubt I’ll live long enough to get through half this stuff… but I’m sure as hell gonna give it my best shot!

Now, before you read any further, I want you (if you haven’t done so already) to bring up Frank’s Meet The Team page in a new window or separate tab, and see “who is who” at MasterMind Pros.com. To say that it’s an impressive line-up would be the understatement of the year! NB: By the way, don’t be bummed out by the fact that they’re still adding the finishing touches to the bottom of that page… it’ll be completed in a day or two.

Another reason Frank’s program suits the crazy hours we bloggers and IM’ers tend to keep is the fact that Master-Mind Pros offers you…

… Live Online Training 7 days a Week …

But wait! There’s more! (and I’m not ‘talking steak knives’ either!)… These guys offer…

* Private Internet Training and coaching
* Live interactive conferences, clinics and workshops
* Special coaching events
* Big name guest speakers
* Dynamic video and audio lessons
* Product reviews
* Book reviews
* Master-Mind Forum access
* Insider tips and techniques
* Online support and Help Desk access

Now here’s the thing… with my rather crippling work schedule at present it’s extremely hard, if not impossible, to attend the “live” seminars available each day.

However, having unlimited access to literally hundreds of hours of video tutorials has allowed me to learn at a time that suits me. NB: To tell you the truth, the very first video lesson I watched highlighted some critical issues for me… and then quickly and easily showed me how to overcome them.

I don’t know about you, but I hate having to sit at my computer for hours on end… watching videos or listening to audio clips or teleseminars… or even viewing webinars at set times that (almost always) conflict with my daily schedule. So I can assure you that being able to study and learn all the stuff that Master-Mind Pros is offering – in YOUR TIME, NOT THEIRS is going to be hugely beneficial to you – especially if you happen to live outside the US and are governed by time-zone differences.

… Blogging is not just about creating content …

…especially if you “blog” with the hope of earning at least marginal returns. There are many aspects to this form of online entrepreneurship that require detailed technical knowledge as well. No matter how much we try to automate the various processes involved (as I have done with affiliate marketing in Web 2.0 Wealth blogs) – there are many more HIGHLY PROFITABLE opportunities that will require detailed “INSIDE KNOWLEDGE” to reap the true benefits.

Master-Mind Pros is without doubt, one mentoring program that CAN deliver the quantity and quality of information you’ll need to…

… Succeed beyond your wildest dreams …

If you’re planning to EARN BIG MONEY from your blog, you’ll need knowledge – truckloads of knowledge! While eBooks and eCourses dedicated to niche-specific subjects can cover assist you greatly, they’ll never compare with live coaching or even recorded video presentations.

If you’re thinking EVEN BIGGER than just earning BIG MONEY… like developing an online empire that results in a level of financial freedom you only ever dreamed of… then the following list of Internet marketing and online coaching experts are your ticket to success:

  • Kevin Finney – one of the elite in affiliate marketing and a pro with many years of experience – responsible for teaching you Traffic Generation. Kevin is the Director of Finance for Mastermind Pros. He is more than qualified for this position since his entrepreneural experience includes being the CEO of his own Real Estate Investment Company, Mortgage Company, Property Management Company, Real Estate Brokerage Company, and a Construction Company
  • Ann Moss – a mastermind coach on ClickBank with experience to share and knowledge to back it up. She has developed – and leads – several other courses within MasterMindPros program and is in charge of training programs. (Personal Note: Ann is one of the people I have already worked with on Frank’s team and had opportunity to appreciate her thoroughness and ability to guide)
  • Andy Youtz is a ” Platinum EBAY Power Seller “& earns a full time income from EBAY. If earning a full time EBAY income is also a goal of yours, you’ll LOVE the EBAY Coaching Classes!
  • Rocque Bowen is a published author, glass artist, teacher, and coach. For several years Rocque has been teaching herself to be successful in the MLM fields and affiliate marketing. Her positive attitude and ability to take abstract concepts and make them easy to understand makes her a very successful coach. (Note: Rocque is the client of mine who introduced me to Frank and his team… she’s a great person to work with, too)
  • Kevin Borg – coaches copywriting and marketing conferences. “Kev’s background spans 30 years of self – employment in Manufacturing, Service and Construction industries. His experience is in Direct Marketing, Copy Writing and Graphic Design for Small to Medium Size Business, including both the B2C area and B2B areas. Kevin teaches Copy Writing and Direct Marketing classes, which are packed to the brim with valuable content.
  • Trish Mehis is an expert in affiliate marketing. She has been running successful affiliate campaigns for quite some time and has been able to adapt to the changes that affiliate marketers face due to the fluid nature of the industry’s trends.
  • Jason Cardamone is a success coach and is one of the most postive thinking people you will ever meet. After college he struggled to find happiness as a software engineer for 5 years. After realizing he was put on this earth to help others, he finally got into coaching, training, internet & network marketing and customer service in general. Hundreds of books/books on CD’s later, he is now happily settled into helping others recreate their lives into the life of their dreams.
  • And let’s not forget the Mastermind behind the entire team – Frank Terranova. Frank has been organizing and directing mastermind teams for over a decade. He has a diverse background in customer service. His number one priority has always been to provide people with positive life experiences – whether it be shopping in a retail store or attending a coaching clinic. Frank’s experience includes service as a Vice President for a large national retail company and as an independent training consultant. A professional Adword Manager, Frank provides weekly seminars on Adwords and much moreand his classes are always packed.

While I have only had an opportunity to meet a few of the super-talented folk listed above, my impression from day one has remained unfaltering — THIS DIVERSE TEAM OF MASTER-MIND COACHES HAS CONSISTENTLY DELIVERED CONTENT WORTH TWENTY TIMES THE MEMBERSHIP FEE and a hell of a lot less then I have seen charged by their so-called competition.

In closing, this is best training of its type that I have ever seen – anywhere! It’s the Master-Mind principal at its very best… and not only do I KNOW you’re going to benefit massively from joining Master-Mind Pros with me… but I’m absolutely 110% certain you’ll never look back once you do.

Is it worth the $97 a month membership fee? In a word… “NO!”… IT’S WORTH AT LEAST $397 A MONTH – and that’s just for the video training alone… Sure beats the hell out of paying $4,000 – $5,000 for similar programs, don’t you think?

SPECIAL BONUS: You can pause your training (and associated payments) – without penalty – any time you know you’re not going to be able to take advantage of the Master-Mind Pros program… and THAT my friends, makes it a true winner in my opinion.

Join MasterMindPros NOW and Begin Your Journey to Success!


“Now, regarding the post you’ve just read… for those of you who have been my subscribers for a while now, you’ll be wondering “how the heck did I develop ‘near-perfect’ English grammar skills literally overnight???!!!

Oh, that’s easy… … I DIDN’T!!! 🙂

The entire review article was completely rewritten at my request by my good friend and colleague, Bruce Smeaton – an accomplished web copywriter and leading certified SEO consultant from Auckland, New Zealand.

Bruce will be relaunching his new, improved websites early in the new year… but in the meantime, if you want to touch base with him on web copywriting matters or SEO advice, drop him an email on: smeatz@ihug.co.nz or you can go visit one of his blogs at: www.homeloangripes.com. He used to work in the banking industry and writes some very witty blog posts about his adventures back in those days.