In today’s society, people are busy – so busy that many of us have trouble keeping track of our nonstop schedules. Therefore, doctors and other service providers often call to remind us of our appointments. Many of them need help confirming all of those appointments. If you’re looking for something you can do at home, you should definitely look at how to start an appointment reminder service from home.

It’s often difficult for an office staff to handle the in-office details as well as spend time on the telephone confirming numerous appointments. On top of that, it is hard to reach many people during regularly scheduled office hours. However, as a service provider working from your home, you can call outside of these times.

1. Consider a few questions before deciding to do this. Do you like making telephone calls? Does it bother you to leave messages on answering machines? Are there many other people in your area who provide this or a similar service? If your answers are favorable, this may be a good business for you.

2. Think about the type of service providers that are located in your area. This would include people like doctors, dentists, lawyers and accountants. Additionally, almost anyone who regularly schedules clients for appointments is a possibility. Make a list of these potential clients.

3. Create a brochure or sales letter outlining the benefits your appointment reminder service can provide to your potential clients. Be sure to emphasize how you can help them improve their efficiency. Make up some business cards that you can distribute everywhere you go.

4. Before you line up your first client, you need to decide on your billing practices and other miscellaneous policies. Determine if you will charge per phone call or on a daily or weekly basis. You will also probably want to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that the identities of the client’s patients or customers is protected.

5. Be sure to check with your local city and state governments for any regulations on operating a [tag-tec]business[/tag-tec]. Most cities require some sort of a business license so you’ll need to make sure you follow their specific guidelines. You may also want to register a business name and set up a special bank account.

6. Once you have the business basics in place, begin to contact your potential clients and see if they could use your help confirming appointments on a regular basis. You can visit them face to face, do some telemarketing or send out your letters and follow up with them personally.

7. Once you have some clients, you will be in business. Each office will send you the daily list and phone numbers of people with upcoming appointments. These can be sent by fax, email or even snail mail. Throughout the day, you will phone and confirm each appointment. Then you will get back with your clients to let them know about any cancellations so that they can reschedule appointments as needed.

Now you know the basics of how to start an appointment reminder service from home. You can take pride in providing a much-needed service and be able to [tag-tec]work[/tag-tec] from home at the same time.