Your goals for a homebased business or internet marketing is what should be a defining point in your action, skip this and you will fail, identify it correctly and your efforts will be greatly rewarded by success that could be far superceeding your initial goals.

And to illustrate my point I want to share a personal story, story I don’t tell too often but one, that has led me to success that went FAR BEYOND my original goals. Perhaps what I share will help you make some sense of what you are currently doing and what your plans will be in near future.

This is just a personal story, so please take it as such and let me know what you think, share your own story!

My Personal Internet Marketing Story

This story is long winded and might not be something you want to read in its entirety but it is what defined me and my current accomplishments and comes from my heart! So here we go…

The year was 1992, when I have arrived to promised land in Anchorage, AK international airport. I was a young man with no money, almost no friends, no education… in fact; I didn’t even possess a basic knowledge of conversational English! (something that still pointed out to me as fault from time to time, but I choose to ignore those negative voices!)

“Yes, you’re absolutely right… I really DIDN’T have anything going for me at the time …

But, did I care? Hell no! I was free! Penniless, yes… but still smiling… and VERY FREE!

…once that plane touched down on US soil, I was as “happy as a pig in mud”!

I found myself embracing the Land of Opportunity and I was utterly determined to make the most of it! Stakes are high when your ‘very survival’ is on the table… and getting the upper hand in a totally unfamiliar country certainly doesn’t come easy.

For about a year I lived in Kodiak (a small city on Alaska’s Island with the same name) waiting for my work permit and scavenging for ANY work that would allow me to feed myself. And when that wasn’t available the Salvation Army came to the rescue

However, let me point one thing out…

“Fighting for your place in line to get a share of NEARLY ROTTEN food from the local supermarket may well be character-building … but it doesn’t do a damn thing for your pride!”

At 21, Damaged Pride is NOT Something That Can Be Easily Accepted…

So the day when that work permit actually arrived, it felt more like I’d won lottery than been given permission to work! That small, seemingly mundane piece of bureaucratic paper meant more to me that just a “work permit” – IT WAS MY TICKET TO A NEW LIFE – A LIFE I HAD ONLY DREAMED OF… UP UNTIL THAT MOMENT!

…a brand new, exciting, personally challenging way of life, where my determination to be super successful in all that I did from that time on had just received the biggest shot in the arm I could’ve ever hoped for! I have taken several jobs that included cleaning other people’s snow and back yards, took the job as grocery store clerk, worked part time as furniture delivery guy in one of the best local furniture stores and did some long shoring, loading tons of frozen fish from local fish processing plants to international ships. In fact for a few months I managed to hold 3 jobs at same time and wasn’t getting more then 2-3 hours of sleep on a good day!

But living in a small fishing town where “extremely well paid” crab fishermen comprised ten percent of the population, made for an easy choice job-wise for me – well… actually… given the RIVERS OF MONEY THAT FLOWED FREELY at the end of the crab season kinda made it a no-brainer… yup, “Alex” became a crab fisherman! And here is a picture proof to you:

alex sysoef during king crab season

For over 6 bone-chilling, gut-busting years I did the hardest work known to man… and wasted money like there was no tomorrow. And if you know ANYTHING about the dangers of crabbing on the high seas of Alaska, the chances of there actually being “no tomorrow” were about 50/50 on a GOOD DAY!!!

But it sure didn’t stop me from taking my chances with mother nature for at least six seasons, loosing friends to murky waters and destroying my health in process…

However, in the end, even the lure of big money wasn’t enough for me… I needed something more in my life. It slowly began to dawn on me that this WAS NOT what I’d had in mind when my search for a better life brought me to US….

Lifestyle I had was quickly destroying the life itself in me. Using my savings and going on strict budget…

…I Paid My Way Through an IT School And Earned My Engineering Degree!

… And even more importantly, I developed a deep interest in “how things worked from the inside out”. I learned to always look for a way to improve the current process and make it more efficient.

Several years of work as a technical support analyst helped me realize that most “normal” people simply don’t have the same views on computers and technology as I do. They also helped me to develop an ability to “walk” anyone – including a complete novice – through the seemingly difficult task of getting things done quickly and efficiently. A skill that was honed by endless hours of phone support and work with customers ‘up close and personal.’

The Ability to Overcome A Person’s Fear of Technology and Enable Them To Embrace It Is Not Something One Can Learn From Books Or Manuals – It Is Something That Can Only Be Acquired!

And as sure as God gave me the breath to fog a mirror, I sure put some “seriously long hours” into “acquiring” that particular ability! Working endless hours for multiple corporations and progressing in my career still forced me to live from one paycheck to another.

During this time I got married and had 2 kids… and even though my income continued to grow as I ‘climbed the career ladder’ – so did my expenses! The more my income grew, the more the needs of my family grew!

Needs that no man with his pride intact can ignore …

Can you remember a time when your child asked you for a new toy that was all the rage in his or her friends circle… and all you could answer was: “I’m sorry, but we really can’t afford it?”

Even if you can remember a moment as awful and as humiliating as that, I don’t blame you for not possessing the inner strength to still look your child in the eye when you had to say “no” to them… …because I have “BEEN THERE!” I remember this one time when I simply didn’t know how I could possibly explain to one of my kids that “the 70 hours work I’d done that previous week – the work that had taken me away from my wife and children for days at a time – was not even enough to cover the few lousy dollars I needed to buy a toy for them!

How could I have explained to my little ones that “Daddy’s hard work had gone to stuff the pockets of corporate big-wigs while Daddy didn’t even get “raises” that covered yearly inflation … that is, if we got “raises” at all?

Hard work that limits the time I spend with my kids to a few short minutes a day (and a few hours on weekends), assuming there is no emergency that requires me to work anyway (not an uncommon scenario)

That Was Definitely NOT The Life I Was Dreaming Of When I Came To This Land Of Opportunity!

The only way I could see myself achieving the dreams I had when I came to the US was to start my own business while still keeping my job. The only logical way to do it was through Internet Marketing. After all, I already had experience as a webmaster and knew the technology inside out …

My Initial Goal was VERY Modest: I needed Just $200 Extra per month to cover the extra expenses, working part time! Period. I did’t dream of quitting my day-job, becoming a multi-million Internet mogul, driving expensive cars and living in mansions most of us only see on TV. I simply wanted to provide for my family and support them in best way I could…

For over two years I purchased every eBook and script I could lay my hands on that promised to “instantly” catapult me into the profit zone. Same old bullsh*t recycled by endless hordes of “wannanbe” Internet marketers and simply presented in a different way.

In no time at all, I was like an “eBook junkie” – injecting my mind with every piece of “get rich quick” information I could! Sometimes I had a marginal success and sometimes I failed. But one thing I did manage to pull out of this experience was a clear understanding that …

I Could Only Make It In This “Crazy, Over-Hyped Virtual World” By Offering My Clients The Best Possible Solutions To The Worst Possible problems they faced – Based On My Own “Hands-On” Knowledge And Experience and Backed By The Best Customer Service They’ve ever Seen!

At first, I simply started to blog. I utilized all the technical knowledge I had accumulated over the years and combined this with the best Web 2.0 strategies in existence – and a radar-focused understanding of the solutions I was presenting to my readers in each and every post!

And boy was I ever rewarded!! I started seeing an ever-growing stream of free traffic and as result – $$$$$$$$ from the nearly DAY ONE! Doing what I loved and sharing what I knew, I was finally able to inch my way closer to achieving my goals of becoming “financially free!”

Income that was only ever dreamed of, finally allowed me to put my son into a hockey team and afford the fees associated with the sport he loved so much (and what Russian doesn’t?)! Finally I was able to remodel the kitchen – just the way my wife wanted! I could at long last buy my son the toys he always asked for… and then see the happy sparkle in his eyes! I know that money can’t buy happiness… nothing can. But you wanna know something? It sure as hell helps a humble family to enjoy life that little bit more!

Now, I’m not a greedy person but this new-found success got me to thinking….. How Can I HELP OTHERS To Achieve Their Financial Goals?

Mind you … I’m not talking about making people rich! I’m simply talking about one little thing – to enable other people to see results from their efforts as soon as possible!

Earning Your Very First Dollar Online Is All About Knowing How To Make It Happen — And Then Taking Action To Multiply That Success!

In fact, it is rather simple when all the technical stuff is taken out of the picture! For me this led directly into most logical conclusion – I started to create informational products and provide support to my customers. While I had several successful small info product releases, those were just the start as my first signature product “Web 2.0 Wealth” was released in 2007 and main goal of that training was to tech people how to make their first dollar online using WordPress and some creative article marketing. Something I manged to achieve – I wanted to share with others and it was quite well received.

But that release also showed me some of the shortcomings of the product as well as opened new insights on what people actually needed / wanted and that product was failing to provided it.

Using that knowledge and partnering with my buddy Dmitriy – we have created a series of products to provide solutions people were searching for: Expert WordPress, Review Blog System, Expert Content, Lock Your Blog and a few other smaller projects.

All of the above combined led me to where I’m right now, defined what I do and what I get from it!

As I mentioned in the beginning – this is a long winded story, but perhaps you still have a question:

Why Should I Care? What Was the Point Of This Story?

There are actually couple points to this story and perhaps at least one of them will ring true with you:

1. Full Time Internet Marketing is NOT for everyone! I know many people who are like me in the beginning looking to make a few extra bucks to contribute to their family income. In fact running a full time business requires leaving the comfort (however unsteady it might be) of the regular job that provides with some nice benefits for your family and also knowledge of actually running business.

If you fall into this category – don’t feel bad! Its normal and it’s OK! You just need to find your own way to getting what you need but once you find it – stick to your guns, don’t let the stories of “internet rugs to riches” sway you from your path! When it comes to your success – it is you against the world, however harsh it might sound! And there is plenty of help available at no cost, although your path could be a lot smoother and shorter when guided by right mentor. I know, because I personally had a few people I learned from myself.

Here is one low cost but extremely effective solution provided by one f the most respected marketers – Mark Hendricks – Internet Success System. Just choose his basic membership and at $10 per month you will learn more than any other over priced training provides, simply because many of those guys have learned from Mark!

2. I generate quite comfortable income – PART TIME! I hate talking about how much I earn from my internet marketing efforts but since it is part of my conclusion and I think a necessary closure to this story, I can share following:

My initial goal of extra $200 a month have been surpassed quite a while ago and in fact, my own business, run part time, in 2010 generated a six figure income but unlike many other internet marketers – I do it during my free time and on weekends.

Why am I telling you this now? To dispel some myth on how impossible it could be. It is taxing for sure on my time but because I do what I like – it is not a burden! It does require planning and setting priorities on my part but it is not an IMPOSSIBLE task! I believe that most anyone can accomplish same and it is simply matter of concentration and determination combined with right knowledge.

Whew… this was a lot longer post then I anticipated when I sat down to write it but I only hope that my personal story and some conclusions I made for myself can be of help to others! Let me know what you think and do share your own personal story, or if for some reason you didn’t get enough – meet me in person!