When you get to the office in the morning, you may grab a cup of coffee and head straight to your inbox.

From there you move over to Twitter and then drop some messages on Facebook. What comes to mind next, the latest Justin Bieber’s video on YouTube. Before you can realize what you are doing the day will be long gone. The funny thing is that when somebody calls, you go like: “Dude, I am so busy I can’t even talk”

There are many other habits that many of us have formed that do nothing but sabotage our productivity. Among these habits are:

Constant Checking Of Email Messages

The very first activity that most of us do in a day is to check email messages as soon as we reach the office. If the message requires a reply, we will obviously leave whatever we are doing and start writing a reply. It is best to check your email messages once or twice a day; say before lunch period or in the morning and just before you close for the day.


Depending on the kind of meeting and how many hours it took, meetings can be a time suck as well. Why sit around and discuss things that can just be talked over the IM or email?

There are many databases online designed to facilitate productivity by reducing the usage of time wasting factors like weekly or daily meeting conversations. You can use Central Desktop, Basecamp or any other system that proves effective in providing you with a good alternative to these.

With most of these facilities, you can create and have access to detailed project milestones and deadlines.

Late Work

Many people work late with the idea of being ahead of their schedules. While this may be a good idea, after the days hard work chances are that forcing yourself to work further is imposing excessive stress on you.

This might get you sick and make you lose more productive hours. Instead of hanging around on people’s blog posts in the evening or forcing yourself to do more work, why not take the time and rest to get yourself charged for tomorrow’s deals.

Inadequate Management Of Your To-Do-List

From the experience I got by launching and running my coupon site, where I talked about iContact, VMWare coupon and Acronis software, I noticed that I would start my day with the easiest tasks and tackle the hard ones when my energy was already depleted.

Of course this was not a productive strategy. While you are prioritizing your tasks, don’t forget that starting from the hard tasks in the morning will help encourage you towards tackling the easy ones later in the day.

Too Much Coffee

The working routine of most people can be described with the phrase “half coffee, half work”. Instead of moving over for the next cup of coffee, put a soft music and try to focus on the work at hand.

Even if you are a coffee geek, keeping in mind that you will get a cup of coffee once you finish the task at hand will help to improve your productivity.

Taking Lunch Right At Your Desk

A lot of people try to impress their boss or force themselves towards being more productive by eating on their desk. Have you thought that you can mistakenly spill the food over important documents, or on your computer?

If this happens, you will lose the time you thing you have gained and even take more of your product hours to deal with the mess.

Social Site Madness

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are all marvelous places to hang out and run business campaign. However, these sites have also proved to be time suckers. The key is to know what you are going there to do and get out once done. Any more second you stay can take you hours to realize the damage you have done to yourself.

Pleasing Everybody

There is no way you can please everybody around you. When you know that it is time to work and somebody around is either asking for help or for some conversation, tell the person that you are working.

Let him or her know when you will be free in case they are still interested. And most importantly, learn to say NO!

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