Earning an income as an affiliate marketer is more than people may know about. For one thing, it is a good way to earn an extra income, and for another, you don’t require a lot of income to start. That is a sure way to make money working from home on a small budget or none at all.

So what is affiliate marketing all about?

Well, it is the process of selling someone else’s goods and thereby earning a commission based on those sales. Usually, affiliate marketing does not require a person to operate a walk in business or to maintain an office or warehouse with employees. You do not have to sell tangible items to the locals and you do not have to be the one who processes the sales. Sound good so far? The one requirement that you should probably consider is having your own computer and website, such as a WordPress blog.

There is a lot to affiliate marketing, considering the different markets and niches that are available, the affiliate strategies that make one successful, and so on. But the bottom line is you can get started in no time, the possibilities are endless, and if you apply yourself, this can be a good income source to acquire and one that seems to be unending.

You usually SHOULD NOT HAVE TO get a business license to become an affiliate marketer. Although you should check your local city and state business license guidelines to be sure. Some municipalities may have requirements for you to consider before starting out.

So consider affiliate marketing and do some research. See what may be of interest for you to get started with, make a plan, put it into place and you’ll be well on your way with a work from home income in no time at all.

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Guest Post By:

By Tereza Ullinovich
© 2012