moneyContinuing with the topic I have started in my previous post Don’t Do Anything That Doesn’t Make You Money, I want to expand on the idea and provide some tips you could perhaps use today to begin creating your very own info product.

Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate and you might be already sitting on a gold mine and just failing to realize it. A strategy I’m about to discuss will operate within what you already have or might be able to get fairly simple. We will not attempt to reinvent the wheel here, but simply create your own using blueprints proven to work well.

As a blogger writing in a specific niche you might already have nearly everything you need to create your very own first product… an eBook, report or a guide in any other format. Successful info product does one of the two things (well, perhaps more but we concentrate on the 2):

  • Addresses a burning need by providing solution
  • Saves time

While the first type of product will demand higher price, second just as valuable to people because it helps them get answers they need in simple and accessible format. I personally don’t mind spending $7 to $20 for an eBook or report that provides answers I personally need in one convenient location. If well written and provides me with right information – it saves me time I would spend on research, time better spent doing something else.

In fact “Make Your Words Sell” eBook by Ken Evoy that I purchased for $9 (its free now) about 3 years ago is still sitting on my work desk as reference guide in printed format. Because it gives me the info I need in one convenient location.

Time Saving Info Product

This one can be as simple as compilation of the best posts on your blog. And  I don’t mean posts unrelated to the main topic but rather posts you created that provide answer to the main need your blog addresses in appropriate order.

Just add a bit more juice to it in form of some additional research and compile them in appropriate format separated by sections for access simplicity. Be sure to include good navigation as your product is designed to save time! You might have to create some additional content to tie the posts together into a naturally flowing content but since majority of the work is already done by you before – it shouldn’t take you too long. You are the expert on the topic you write about, right?

And just because your content is available for free, doesn’t mean it will not sell. Convenience of me not having to search through your blog and have the information provided to me in a well organized format easily justifies the price. It will help you if your report or eBook includes additional content that is not present on the blog but you will have to write it anyway to tie the content.

Sidenote: About a year ago I have run into a website that had a study published (sorry, I can’t provide url simply because I never saved it) about their eBook sales. Offered initially on their site as purchase only, their eBook was selling well but once they decided to allow people to actually read it in HTML with offer to purchase on each page nearly doubled their sales! I was a bit amazed by that but it stands to reason – people want the convenience and once they see that information is good – they will pay for that convenience!

Addressing A Need Info Product

Once again we will not go into anything elaborate here but will attempt to reuse the information you already have and simply bulk it up and target it to specific need. Assumption here is that you know your readers, you know their needs and you know what topics resonate the most with your readers.

Next step for you is to identify what EXACT problem they need to have solved badly enough to pay for it. And no, don’t use any tricks! Just ask your readers and you will be surprised how many will respond over the time. People love to provide feedback especially to someone they know listens to them and willing to help them. Put yourself into that position and ask!

Once you have identified the need, start compiling the solution. See if you can reuse any of your existing content in its entirety or by slightly rewriting it. You have already done research and reusing it only makes sense. If you don’t have enough information and research data my next suggestion is to go for PLR.

Don’t be alarmed! I know a lot of crap given away under that license and a lot of low quality reports, ebooks and articles are floating around with that stamp. Thing is – PLR is your best friend if you know how to use it! Even for the low quality report or eBook, on the topic you personally need, someone had to do a research, gather data and compile it into appropriate format. All you have left to do is to verify the research, rewrite the content (if needed) to add your own voice and present it in appropriate format. Add value by addressing shortcomings and providing real expert knowledge.

If working with PLR product you also get the benefit of sales materials often already created for you (and just need a bit of modification), delivery pages created, eBook cover is done and quite a bit more (depending on the product you are using). A few simple modifications can get you very quickly to your final goal – your own info product.

I do have to say that working with PLR requires some knowledge and if you need to gain it – I can only recommend training provided by Doug and Teri Champigny – PLR Tutorial Videos. It will guide you step-by-step through every part of the process and give you everything you need to know. Simply best training of the kind and I highly recommend you look at it, if you choose to work with PLR.

And if you need to locate good sources for PLR products – you need to get on Doug’s mailing list and grab 50 PLR articles and wealth of info he provides in email course. I consider Doug an authority on anything PLR related and my recommendations based on that personal opinion. Information he can provide you with will save you time and effort.


And whichever path you choose – remember one thing: create product to address the need and to help your customers and readers. It is not about you making money but about you providing a solution to the problem. Once you find that solution – you will begin making money. there is simply no way around it.

And don’t forget to reuse your content! You are sitting on a gold mine of research, effort and time investment. All it needs is a bit of refinement and perhaps more information and you can Extend Your Blog Into Info Product!