squeeze pageSqueeze pages are the bread and butter of today’s Internet marketers. They are responsible for billions of dollars of sales. A great squeeze page can make you a lot of money, whereas a poorly written and designed one will leave you wondering what went wrong.

You don’t have to be a kick ass copywriter to craft compelling sales copy. Having said this, you do need some idea of what makes people tick; why do they act the way they do; what colors make them reach for the credit card; and what font is reaching their subconscious?

Catchy Headlines

Your headline plays a huge role in the success (or the lack of) your squeeze page. If you take the time to analyze some of the more popular IM products you’ll see that most of them use red color in their headline. The headline needs to be catchy, attention-grabbing, big, emotional and bold. You only have a couple of seconds to impress or repel your visitors. Your headline is the first thing they see when visiting your page, so make it count.

Test, test and test some more

I think it goes without saying that you must split-test until the cows come home. Successful marketers split-test everything on their squeeze pages; the headline, the layout, the color, the font, the message, etc.


KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid refers to the page layout. You want to keep the layout clean, easy on the eye and uncluttered. Common squeeze page modules include:

  • Headline
  • Bullet points
  • Opt-in form
  • Picture and/or video
  • Terms
  • Freebie offer

Emotional Attraction

If your copy is good, it will manage to touch the reader’s emotions. This is key if you want high conversion rates. People buy because they have pain, fear, needs, a need to know, a desire to belong, etc. A good copywriter works with these emotions when he/she crafts the copy for a squeeze page. You don’t need many words to convey a certain emotion.

Bullet Magic

Bullet points should be used to state the biggest benefits your product or service will provide. They also help to provide scarcity, give away something for free or simply to state the obvious.

Visual Magnetism

A picture speaks a thousands words, so does a video. By adding an image of yourself, or of your product, or a video to your squeeze page you add credibility and built trust with visitors. It makes you more credible. Pictures also help to magnetically draw the reader’s eye to the offer.

Use A Strong Call to Action

Never assume your readers know where to click. Tell them! Use strong verbs to get your readers to act.

Legal disclaimer

In order to protect yourself against the unknown it is a good idea to include some form of legal mambo jumbo in your squeeze page. A short statement that states that you don’t spam is giving your readers peace of mind.

There you go. Did I forget something? Let me know below.