In their aim to fulfill their specific needs, people head straight to web and dig out for the useful websites. Only the writers who are expert in their field and demonstrate this expertise in their content are preferred. If you have your own website and submit content on it then take care to restrict yourself to a particular niche. This will be indicative that you are a trusted source from where solutions may be easily sought.

Dedicated writing is needed to build quality audience. The number of this type of audience will be small but they will always prefer you when they need it. Not a common writer but it is the specialist one that is perfect one searched for. Your expertise is defined when you focus only on one topic. Your business will have increased client base in this case and gain in monetary profit too.

But what will you do if you are providing more than one services? Don’t clutter it up all on one site but create a dedicated website for each of your services. After this is done, you will see the change for yourself. Your readers won’t divert but come to your site as they will now find a separate and dedicated place for the solution they seek. The increase in traffic would constitute both the readers who are already coming to you and new ones too.

Just remember, you have to be the master of a specific field. This is because expertise sells. In the present age of cut-throat competition, people come looking for a service that is way above the rest. They decide this by comparing services and select the one that they find to be expert and easily accessible (remember, a clutter free website?).

Conversion rate of a single dedicated website is more than a website having all types of services cluttered in one place. Sales of a website depend on traffic and its conversion. And, it is the dedicated and optimized website that gains best of both the worlds (traffic and increased conversion rate). The catch here is being unique, useful and specialized.

Don’t try to grab every single person that comes to your site. Target your readers and see the client base increase.

Guest Post By: Cleo who works for content writing company. Here I share Knowledge on content writing, ways to improve it and its relation in the SEO field SEO copywriting SEO content writing Writing on topics related to SEO field is my passion. I am a full time writer and love to gather knowledge in the field (SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO) and share it in the form of posts. Together with working in Content Axis and writing content for various clients, I submit guest post for various sites.