A few days ago one of my customers have submitted the ticket with questions that go beyond normal product support we offer. And while I have provided a simple answer – I have to admit that on second review of my answer – I wasn’t happy with it!


That answer wasn’t exactly what my customer was looking for and not something I was personally satisfied with. My apologies to Xavier and since “Identifying Content Uniqueness” is rather common question – I want to give detailed answer in form of post.

Blog Content Copyrights And Uniqueness

While there are some tools that will help you find if your content unique or not and if it was taken and used by someone else – Copyscape is undoubted leader. Using it is extremely simple, just enter full direct URL to your post and you will get results back:


In image above I simply entered full url to my blog post “Triple “P” Of Total WordPress Security” and it provided me with several results.

Problem is – FREE version of the tool is limited to number of results returned and if you test it – you will find that many times you get a lot of false positives. If you are working a lot with PLR content or purchasing content from elsewhere – I recommend you look at Premium account options they offer to take advantage of their technology.

If you are looking to simply watch your blog to make sure that your content is not stolen and reused by scrapers elsewhere I want to share a great free tool with you that I learned about from “Stop Scrapers and Spammers Fast” blog post on Darren Rowse blog – CopyGator!

While it is not same in functionality as Copyscape it does well what it does, and FREE!


Interestingly enough it provided me with a better results than Copyscape as far as my content concerned and a lot more accurate!

While they offer you a nice badge to place on your blog as “Option 1” that actually turns red when your content used somewhere else – I preferred Option 2 as shown in image below simply because all I have to do is add their RPC to my ping list and provide my feed. Now every time I will post new blog post – Gator gets notified and monitors it.


Simple, Effective, Non-Intrusive!

Allow Google Alert You For Content Usage

This option is more advanced and it will actually serve as dual edged sword – protect our copyrights as well as BE NOTIFIED when someone uses it without permission!

Step 1 – Install Plugin

Although Feed Footer plugin was created a while back and haven’t been updated to latest version – I use it on all my blogs and it is part of standard “Expert WordPress” blog installer package.

Simply install this plugin and you will be provided with 10 fields you can use to provide Text, Ads or HTML content to copyright protect your blog posts. Those fields will be auto inserted into your RSS Feed on rotating basis for all new posts only and since RSS is what scrapers always use to steal your content – it will show up on those “splogs”.

You can use it to both add ads as well as copyrights message with link to your blog. I recommend using some unique key phrase that you can use for easily identifying when your feed was used outside of your blog.

See the copyright message in image below that is added to my RSS Feed:


As you can see I have a unique phrase “Copyright WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er” auto-inserted into ALL MY posts in blog RSS Feed and now I can move to step 2…

Step 2 – Allow Google Monitor The Web For Me

Hey, Google is good for something besides doing searching! 👿

All you have to do now is use your unique phrase, “Copyright WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er” with quotes to create a Google Alert and each time it shows up anywhere – you will get email from Google! See image below


Now you just let the Big Guy to let you know  anytime your content might is stolen 🙂 And since we are on topic of Google Alert – you don’t have to limit yourself to monitoring only your copyright’s message.

You can use it to monitor for your niche specific phrase to be alerted anytime new story comes out, monitor entire market to be “the man or woman to go to” for latest information in your Niche! Make yourself “The Source Of Latest Info” and you will be rewarded.


No matter which method you choose to use – it is important to use at least something to protect your biggest asset, content you have created!