article marketingWriting an article for article marketing submissions is relatively easy. If your capability to churn out articles is halfway decent it should be easy enough to write an article on any topic, and then submit it to article directories. Are you still with me?..


How would you feel with a surefire copywriting recipe that will help you get more clicks, more exposure, and ultimately more sales for your article marketing efforts? I’m sure that most of you would part with some good money to find out the “secret” to doing exactly that. Guess what, the information is freely available to you on the Internet.

To save you from having to dig and poke around the Web to getting all clued up I have compiled this post. It will help you to increase your article marketing efforts with a few simple tweaks…

The 5 essential ingredients to article marketing success

If you want to really supercharge your efforts then you need to pay close attention to the following “ingredients.”

1. Your title: What does the title promise the reader?

If you fail to deliver on your initial promise you readers will simply click away because they get bored. They will feel cheated, since you never delivered on your initial promise. It also helps to use good copywriting practices when you are looking for increased click-through rates.

2. The lead-in: The article lead-in, also called an introduction needs to prep the reader for what is to come. Are you promising them a good deal for a product? If so, make it sound interesting to prompt them to read on. Web readers don’t have a long attention span. In fact, they tire real fast, and you only have a few seconds to catch their attention, or they will be gone forever.

3. The meat: The article meat is where the main action is; the tips and tricks you promised them in the title, or the secrets, the bargain deals and what not. This is where you can really impress your readers with some meaty information, and blow them away by over-delivering on your copy.

4. The bridge: Your bridge is the copy that ties your meat to your resource box. Before you encourage your readers to click on your links you want to make sure that they are once again reminded about the promises you made to them within the article and then show them where to go to fulfill that promise.

5. Resource box: Much has been written about writing the perfect resource box for your articles. In my own experience I have found that making this part of the actual content will get you more clicks than if you were to separate it. The resource box must be targeted to prompt the reader to click out from your article before he/she leaves the site. Once again, this is the place where you use your writing and copyediting skills like a master ninja. It’s the last chance you get to leave a lasting impression.