at_person_writingEarning from your writing, be it a blog or an article posted to article directories or web page is easy! Yes, I said EASY! Even if your writing sucks, you can and SHOULD EARN from it!

As someone who NEVER had proper English education (I learned my English from conversations on fishing boats while crabbing in Alaska and through reading) I fail to understand how someone who used the language all his life and completed at least a few classes of formal education can say that he or she is unable to write!

Perhaps these tips will help you if you find yourself in this predicament…

Beauty of the blogs is their informal nature that allows you to share your passion, your ideas, your knowledge in informal manner. It allows us to open communication channels not previously accessible and not bound by distance, race, nationality or previous education.

Each And Every One Of Us Is An Expert!

It is simply finding your expertise and than willing to share it is what makes your blog either popular or not. That and a few small tips. Yes, writing for the web has its own rules! But you already have gone so far…

  • You have determined your passion or expertise
  • You have made conscious decision to share it
  • You have established a blog
  • You are willing to work on it!

Points above already qualify you to write. Even if you are not Jack London (one of my favorite writers) you have the ability to share what you have to say in blog format.

You Will Find Your Audience!

People who read blogs, do so not only because they liked the info but because they liked the style your information was presented in. Even if it is presented in most abusive format like we have seen done by a few bloggers, as long as it strikes the chord with audience – you will get following!

It does help when you content has certain flow to it and at least some form of attempt to correct the spelling and grammar. I can’t teach you those as I, myself heavily rely on Spell Check and common sense, which doesn’t always brings the expected results 😆

Tools to Help You!

As I have promised in very beginning I want to share with you my personal favorite and now free resources that teach you to write for the web using common sense and understanding of your audience. Each eBook provided below is a resource from Ken Evoy, CEO of the and a Internet Entrepreneur for whom I have great respect.

Make Your Words Sell! (MYWS!) Is Now FREE!

MYWSThis is the MOST effective ebook I have ever read on the topic of writing for the web. Unlike many believe or led to believing – there is nothing complicated about it. It is as simple as following a few rules.

Information shared within is same one I have been using time and time again, in one format or the other but always trying to keep the basics in tact. It will teach you how to write to succeed.

I paid $29.99 for my copy but you can download it for free!

Make Your Site SELL! 2002

This is a “granddaddy” of all web design courses. Don’t be fooled by a date of the release as this eBook will teach you fundamentals of web mastering better that anything you can pay for.

Anything you ever wanted to learn about designing your blog for success from ground up is in here.

It will not just teach you page design but entire site creation. Walk you through identifying the most desired action on your blog and than leading your visitors to that action.

This eBook was coined “The BIBLE Of Selling On The Net” and now you don;’t have to pay for it!

Download Make Your Site SELL! For Free

I can only hope I have provided enough value in this post to help you overcome the writing barrier and begin finding your audience and than providing solutions and earn! Yes, it goes back to the basics:

Even If Your Writing Sucks You Should Earn From It!